Identifying the Root Cause of Panic Attacks

Identifying the Root Cause of Panic Attacks

Ideally, panic attacks need to be prevented at the onset so that they don’t further develop into long-term panic disorder. If left untreated, sustained panic attacks may lead to panic disorder, which in turn may cause significant increased threat, including the threat to life. For addressing the successful reduction of panic attacks, we should first try to reduce the anxiety development.

Preventing the anxiety development will require a complete shift in lifestyle, especially the food consumption, habits and thought processes. Regarding the food consumption habit, we may need to point out that the individual will have to consume an increased amount of components such as kava, vitamin B and even chamomile for relaxation.  Regardless of changing the food consumption habits, the patient will need to undergo several lifestyle changes. Some of the changes include regular meditation, practicing of Pranayam (ancient Indian breathing exercise), and learning a positive outlook on life.

In another aspect, we need to appreciate the fact that, the anxiety development and panic attacks may sometimes be a cumulative outcome of complex physical and emotional disturbances. Thereby, for dealing with such a complex scenario, the professionally trained physicians may need to approach the individual with a holistic attitude. While doing that, the patient may need to undergo thorough medical examination and subsequent evaluation.

In another aspect, we may point out the factor of hormonal imbalance. In a significant number of cases, a hormonal imbalance has been held responsible for panic attacks. Regular examination of the hormonal levels is of vital importance for prevention of panic attack, especially in those that already have known anxiety issues.

Though, in most of the cases, the panic attack has been attributed to harsh emotional experiences. Speaking precisely on the subject, the psychologists mention that history of abuse stands out to be the single most common factor behind the anxiety development and subsequent panic attack.

As you can probably understand, the sound emotional health of the individuals suffering from panic attack, is one of the most vital aspects that needs to be targeted and achieved. There are many instances where the panic attack patients continue leading a happy and prosperous life upon being treated by the psychologists.

To their credit, it may be added that the psychologists successfully address the aspects of fear and anxiety in any individual. Upon successful addressing of the subject, the physicians subsequently try to reduce it by means of communication and medication, too. As found by psychologists, most of the patients suffer from a certain type of phobia. While the source of such phobia remains unknown, the patient continues to get rattled in those emotional situations and circumstances.

Both the aspects of medication and psychological counseling, is a long-drawn aspect for any panic attack patient. Such long-term treatment often causes a fatigue in the minds of the concerned individuals. According to the physicians, slight disruption of the treatment may result immense damage to the case history of any panic attack individual. That’s why it’s important to keep being consistent with treatment.

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