Tips For Preventing Strep Throat

Tips For Preventing Strep Throat

When someone catches a sickness of some kind, it should be regarded as a responsibility to the people around them that they avoid the potential spread of infection to others. Now that information is more readily available, it is easier to spread the information needed to keep people in the clear. Strep throat is the most common type of bacterial throat infection, and it is highly contagious, but how do you prevent strep throat? If you continue reading, you will find some tips for the prevention of strep throat.


Very few people are aware that the bacteria that causes strep throat has the ability to live on surfaces, even dry surfaces, for anywhere from 4 days – 12 weeks. Knowing this should motivate you to observe a few rules about dealing with your public interactions.

Wash Your Hands Regularly – A lot of people become infected with strep because strep lands on surfaces and can live for long periods. Cleaning your hands reduces the chance of coming in contact with the bacteria.

Don’t Share Food, Or Utensils – Be sure to wash everything that comes in contact with a person’s mouth, this includes all sorts of personal items like toothbrushes and things like that. Be sure that you use soap and hot water.

Cover You Mouth and Nose – Everyone should have good manners and cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough. As it’s been mentioned, the bacteria that cause strep can live for quite a while, so it would be terrible to send those germs flying across the room to hang around for a few months.

Make Sure to Get Rest – Sleep is one of the most important things in a daily routine. When you sleep, your body uses this time to heal itself and rest your mind. Good sleep can help you to fight illness if you are exposed to the bacteria.

Eat Nutrient Rich Foods – Healthy food gives your body the nutrients that it needs to build new cells, and keep your immune system functioning properly. If you eat food made from overly processed ingredients, you could leave yourself without a strong first line of defense when facing a potential infection.

Use Salt Water – Another good tip is to gargle with salt water, especially after you start to experience a sore throat. This can really help to keep the throat from turning into full strep throat.

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