Coping with Change

Life never sits still. It’s fluid-always moving, always changing. Sometimes, change is good, but sometimes, it’s not. The people in your life might be the reason for the change.

You may marry or divorce. You may lose a loved one. Sometimes a job change is necessary, but it could be that you may lose a career that you loved. You may have to sell a house or buy one.

Change is something that can be easy to deal with and you might feel excited and ready for it. But sometimes, it wasn’t what you wanted and you weren’t expecting it. That can be excruciating to handle.

There are ways that you can cope with change, and learning how to cope is an important part of self care. Remember that you’re not a robot. You’re going to feel a wide range of emotions.

You might be up one day and down the next. If you’re going through some kind of change, take it easy on yourself. Understand that eventually things will either return to normal or you’ll get used to your new normal.

If the change that happened was one that you didn’t want and it involves another person, don’t jump onboard the blame train. There’s no happy ending destination when you waste time stuck there.

Just accept that this change has happened and go about the business of learning the best way to deal with it. Accept that it might be awhile before things turn out the way you’d like them to.

Change can be a long or a short process. Just be patient and keep hanging in there. When the change that you’re coping with is not a pleasant one, reach out to people who are supportive of you.

Let them know what’s going on. The people who care about you want what’s best for you. They’ll be happy to listen and help with whatever you need. Getting the emotions out can be beneficial when you’re coping with a change so that you don’t keep everything locked within.

Sometimes, a change is so unpleasant that it rattles you. As long as you train your attention on what’s wrong, on what’s bad about the situation, your emotions will settle there.

All you’ll see is the downside of what’s occurring. For example, you might focus on all of the bad that comes with losing a job rather than seeing the good that could come from it- such as now you’re free to start your own business or move somewhere you’ve always wanted to live and start over.

A good way to practice self care during a change is to make sure you don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take care of what you can take care of today and don’t fret about tomorrow’s problem that the change may bring.

Put yourself at the top of your self care list. Keep your focus on your needs. Rest when you need to. Take five minutes to get alone and meditate if you need to. Whatever your mind or body is in need of, do it.

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