Have You Tried the hCG Diet?

Have You Tried the hCG Diet?

You may not have heard about the hCG diet yet and want to know what it is. This is a diet where patients can take injections or drops of a hormone created when a woman is expecting a baby.

This hormone is what doctors test for to find out if someone is actually pregnant or not. How this hormone helps with diet control is that when users are injected with the hormone, or take it orally, it can calm hunger cravings. Hunger cravings are the number one cause of sabotaged diets.

When a hunger craving is triggered in the mind, it can make dieters extremely short tempered unless they eat. What’s good about the hCG diet is that it promotes eating a healthy, well balanced meal plan throughout the day.

So much of the time, when a diet is brought to the market, the focus is always on making the food behave rather than learning about behaviors that can change your body’s shape. Many hunger cravings are not even really cravings for food, but are triggers that are released by the mind.

For example – smell or see food and instantly, your body reacts by wanting it whether you’re hungry or not. This hormone can help bring those cravings under control.

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