The Benefits of Breastfeeding

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

As a new parent, you may be battling between the choices of bottle-feeding and breastfeeding.  While you’re weighing your options, you should know about all of the benefits that come from breastfeeding – from convenience to long-term health.  You may be surprised by all of the advantages provided by Mother Nature.

Breast milk is more than just a form of food.  It is actually made of living cells that can have huge benefits for your child’s health.  One of the most crucial components of breast milk is colostrum.  This substance is produced early in your baby’s life and is full of antibodies that help your baby’s immune system to develop in the first days of his life.  By breastfeeding your baby, you provide this protection that can’t be matched by a commercial formula.

On top of the immune boost that breastfeeding provides, breast milk is also easier for your baby’s developing digestive system to process.  Your baby will have fewer problems with constipation, diarrhea, and even have fewer food allergies.

Breastfeeding also helps your baby’s brain to develop because it’s rich in fatty acids that protect the cells of the brain.  It also helps your baby to develop strong muscles because breast milk provides the perfect mix of proteins for building muscle tissue.  Finally, in a time when obesity is a major health problem around the world, breastfeeding can be a great way to help your child maintain a healthy weight.  Babies who are breast-fed have a smaller chance of becoming obese later in life.

While breastfeeding has a huge impact on your baby’s development, it can also have a dramatic effect on your body.  If you choose to breast feed, you’ll open up a world of benefits for now and for the long-term.  The immediate benefits of breastfeeding can be very powerful.  After you give birth, breastfeeding actually stimulates the contractions that help you expel the placenta.  It can help your body to recover more quickly and painlessly.

Breastfeeding also burns major calories!  What better way to burn off the baby weight without having to hit the gym?  It will also prevent your body from having a period for several months if you feed your baby exclusively breast milk.  In addition, breastfeeding provides a natural method of contraception.  In the long-term, breastfeeding can provide disease prevention power.  Women who breastfeed their babies have a lower risk of developing breast and other cancers throughout their lives.  They’re also less likely to have problems related to osteoporosis.

One of the best reasons for breastfeeding is a benefit for both mom and baby.  When you breastfeed your baby, you help to develop the bond between the two of you.  This provides comfort and improved mental health for both of you.  When you’re weighing the decision of whether to bottle feed or breastfeed, make sure to consider the overall well being that comes from this natural process.

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