Try These Self Care Activities

Try These Self Care Activities

If you are looking to improve your self care, there are quite a few activities you can participate in. While the list of options is endless, here are some recommend activities to get you started with proper self care.

Try Sensory Activities

When you are working on self care for stress relief, one thing to note is that sensory activities can have a really beneficial effect. You should try to find activities that use different senses, like touch, smell, taste, or sight. Perhaps you want to have a bonfire at the beach, which is going to use multiple senses. You can smell the fire and the saltwater in the ocean, see the flames, feel the warmth and the wind from the ocean, and possibly even taste salt in the air. Try to find activities that really awaken your senses.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercising regularly is good for your body and your mind, and can do wonders for stress. If you have a lot of mental stress, you can improve your mood and feel happier by releasing endorphins. You can choose a type of workout that helps you take better care of your physical and mental health, whether you relax during yoga, have fun while dancing, or get some quiet time by going for a walk or hike. Think of exercises you enjoy doing, but that will also give you that time alone that you really need.

Do Creative Activities

Another way to practice self care is to find creative activities that are artistic or a hobby that you enjoy. If you used to love drawing or painting, why not try it now? Just because you’re older and have other responsibilities, doesn’t mean you have to let go of your favorite things to do. Bring a sketchbook with you to work and draw something during your lunch break. Or you can get adult coloring books and some colored pencils and bring them anywhere, like the train or the bus.

You can also try different types of crafts you enjoy doing, like making wreaths for family as holiday gifts or doing some baking. Try to find ways to release your inner creative energy, no matter what that entails. You will feel better by doing something you love, plus you get some quality time that helps to relieve stress at the same time. This is really hard to beat.

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