Try Meditation For Insomnia

Try Meditation For Insomnia

Insomnia is something that affects a growing number of the world’s population. It seems that no one is immune to it either. Children, adults, and even the elderly may experience insomnia at some point in their lifestyle. If you have insomnia and you have tried multiple methods to help, but nothing seems to work, consider meditation. Here are some ways to incorporate meditation into your daily routine for insomnia.

Meditation Apps

If you have never done meditation before, you may be wondering the best ways to get started. This is especially true if you do not have the ability to join a meditation group, or if you don’t have the time in your routine. One of the methods you can use is to use an app on your phone. Android, Windows, and iPhones all have stores that are full of meditation style apps. These apps range from timed meditations that build overtime, music meditations, guided meditations, and journaling based meditations. You can try them all and see which ones work best for you. You can also do them on your own time and in privacy.

Guided Meditation Videos

If apps don’t work for you, and you are a more visual person, then an option you may want to consider are guided meditation videos. You can find these online, from life coaches, through streaming sites, and on DVD. There are a wide array of guided meditations that can help you create a meditation plan for insomnia treatment. Some of these use simply guidance while others guide you all the way through the meditative process.

Quiet Meditation

Quiet meditation techniques are very popular with most people. This is a meditation that has you sitting in a quiet environment and letting your brain flow. Letting the thoughts go through your brain and out of your thoughts. Just simply sitting in silence can help on various levels. Some people find that this type of meditation helps if they have been around a lot of noise and distractions for the day. That the silence can make the stress go down and can help with sleep. This is particularly effective for those people who are stay at home parents, those who work in intense noise, and those who have sensory issues with noise in general.

Recorded Meditation

Recorded meditation is something that may work for you when other meditations do not. This is fairly simple to do. Grab a recording device and turn it on record. Sit in the meditation area and allow your thoughts to flow. Speak anything that comes to mind and get your thoughts out vocally. Go back and listen to the recording later. The reason you would use this form of meditation is to act as a vocal journaling and to help you point out triggers that may be causing your insomnia.

You can use all, one, or a mixture of these methods to help you try meditation for insomnia. Remember, any treatment plan takes time and meditation is a treatment plan. Give yourself time and try to stay motivated. After some time you will see the meditation working for you and your sleep pattern going back to normal.

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