Quick Fixes to Reduce Stress

Quick Fixes to Reduce Stress

Reducing your reaction to stress is a good way to begin controlling its effect on your life. You can use some quick relaxation techniques to calm yourself during a stressful event in order to limit any damage and to get yourself onto the right path as quick as possible.


The most important and easiest way to reduce stress quickly is by controlling your breathing. This might seem like a silly idea, but deep breaths are the body’s way of “resetting” itself.

You can begin by taking several deep breathes. Inhale slowly through your nose until your lungs are full of fresh oxygen. Then, exhale through your mouth in a steady breath. Repeating this exercise several times during a stressful situation can actually slow your heart rate and calm your body. When your mind is racing, deep breaths can change your focus enough to allow you to relax and rethink your situation.


Communication is another quick stress-relief exercise. You can share your stresses and worries with your friends and family. A hug or a pat on the back can be a great way to make you feel less anxious. Knowing that other people share your anxiety is often a relief in itself. Talking about the things that cause your anxiety or stress will often make those situations seem less dire.

Good advice from a trusted friend is sometimes all the stress-relief a person requires. Expressing your feelings, including anger or resentment, can allow you to release those emotions. The process of communication can also help to create bonds between yourself and a friend.

Say No!

Saying “no” is another great stress-relieving technique. Taking on too many projects or making yourself available beyond what you can handle is a large cause of daily stress. If you are not able to complete a project, try not to begin that project. If you are planning a large event, delegate some of the jobs to other people. Sharing the workload can keep your stress to a minimum. Say “no” and your stress levels will immediately decrease. You don’t have to be a martyr and try to do it all.


Exercise is also a wonderful stress-reliever. When you feel the anxiety building in your system, take a quick walk around the building. You could try walking during your lunch hour or even join a gym to get some quality exercise time.

The time spent working your body helps to return your mental focus to its best level. Since the body and the mind are connected, relaxing your body will help to relax you mentally.

Exercise is a great way to reduce stressful effects on your body. Exercise can lower blood pressure and reduce the hormones in your body that respond to stress.

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