How to Prevent Back Pain

How to Prevent Back Pain Relievers – Methods And Products To Help You

Wait for a moment, and think about it – what’s better than having to go through therapy in order to relieve ‘back pain’?

It’s preventing this ailment from occurring in the first place!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why prevention is better than cure but, thanks to a lack of focus on our own health, our lives often result in injury.

If you look at the lives of people who suffer from back pain due to sheer neglect, then you’d begin to take the idea of preventing it very seriously.

So here are some simple ways by which one can prevent back pain:

#1: The Importance of Posture

The posture that you assume when you sit, stand or sleep is vital to preventing back pain. In fact, it has been said that one will just look slimmer if they understand the right posture for each of the aforementioned activities.

In fact, it is better that you do not sit still for long periods of time but move around at regular intervals.

#2: Nutritious Diet and Regular Exercise

Just as this aspect is true for the upkeep of general health, it also applies to the prevention of back pain as well. Researchers have revealed that in eating foods with a lot of Vitamin K, this will strengthen our bones, avoiding back pain.

When it comes to exercise, Pilates is obviously the exercise of choice as it was designed for people ailing with chronic back injury. Better still, it has been found that in strengthening your core muscles, you’ll reduce the pressure on your back, reducing one’s chances of back injury.

Also, don’t forget to perform stretching exercises as this will alleviate muscle strain and soreness but will also prevent any injuries.

#3: Watch How Much and How You Lift

One of the reasons why more women suffer with back pain is because they aren’t built to carry heavy stuff, and yet they try. However, it’s not that this rule doesn’t apply to men as well. Yet another reason why people suffer from back pain is due to the fact that they strain their back when lifting something heavy – even if it is not necessarily too heavy for them. It’s all about posture.

#4: Handle Stress Effectively

A stressful job is often the root cause of stress, and while it is common knowledge that stress has physical implications – back pain is one of them. What makes it worse is that in putting in long hours at the office, we forget to maintain proper posture when sitting.

#5: Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

Both these vices have an adverse impact on our circulatory system, especially cigarettes; leading to back pain. So it is important to avoid cigarettes completely, and limit the amount of alcohol consumed as much as possible.

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