How Stress Affects Your Entire Body

How Stress Affects Your Entire Body

Stress gives you immediate signs that it is around. It can cause emotional distress through depression and anxiety. It can also spread throughout your body and far past your emotions. In fact, you may start feeling different issues in your body. You may even notice certain issues that are more long-term problems from ongoing stress in your life. Here are some ways that stress affects your entire body and what to do to reduce these issues.

Tension and Pain

One of the most common ways that stress can affect your entire body is by causing tension. This tension can be in your muscles, your neck, and even in your nasal passages. The tension can lead to pain as well. This pain can be in the form of severe headaches or body aches that require medication to heal. If you have ongoing stress and tension, you may find yourself experiencing issues related to inflammation and even serious body issues like Fibromyalgia.

Eating Disorders

When some people are stressed they may experience eating issues that lead to severe disorders. You may find yourself eating too much or too little. You may even find yourself experiencing so much stress that you can’t keep food down. This can lead to an emotional and mental connection that drives you towards anorexia or other related issues. Ideally, you want to find an outlet for your eating when stress is concerned. Getting the stress out in some other way is the ideal option to avoid the two extremes of eating disorders.

Heart Issues

You may think that the eating disorder issue or tension and pain is not something to worry about it because of how you deal with stress. One thing that you may not think of though is how stress affects your heart. You can find yourself screaming or so frustrated that your blood pressure rises. When this happens you can experience shortness of breath and even stroke or heart attack if it is ongoing and happens often. This is a severe stress related issue that should be held above the others as a focus and important cause to reduce your stress.

You will find that as you remove stress from your daily life, you will start to find the long term effects will reduce. To remove them completely, you will need to focus on each aspect and work to make sure that your stress does not get to a level that the long term issues rise again. Regular exercise routine, meditation, and healthy eating can all help with this.

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