Forms of Meditation

Forms of Meditation

There are so many different types of meditation that a person might have to meditate on the choices. Getting confused about meditation is not uncommon. The amazing thing about meditation is that no matter which style you choose, you are likely to fulfill your goals. Each meditation has its own benefit but most achieve the same end product; a more relaxed and stress-free state of mind.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular styles of meditation. Practiced by Buddhist monks, mindfulness meditation allows you to focus on the world around you. This practice is about being aware of your feelings and thoughts but making no judgement on them. It includes a way of exploring the world around you, including the people around you, without allowing those explorations to affect you. Mindfulness meditation is used to connect the meditating person to her world without sticking at any particular situation. It gives a free-floating overview of what is happening around you.

Breath watching or breathing meditation is a form of focused meditation. In this practice, a person is aware of only her own breath. She concentrates her entire conscious mind on nothing but the movement of air within her body. This meditation is deeply internal and is often used to solve a stressful situation or problem. Breathing meditation is one of the simplest forms of meditation and is easily learned.

Walking meditation is similar to breathing meditation. The difference is that all focus is on the movement of the body during walking. A person is focused on her own footfalls and breath as she moves down a walking path. This meditation can be practiced while pacing or on a walk around the neighborhood.

Guided meditation is often practiced in groups of people. A guide or teacher uses her voice to help focus the meditation process. This guide might use words or phrases repeated several times to still the conscious mind. Soothing sounds like ocean waves or a babbling brook can also be incorporated into guided meditation. Audio tapes are another form of guided meditation.

Vibrational meditation uses a sound or word to focus your unconscious mind. The word or sound vibrates through the body as it passes from the mind to the mouth. The thought processes are focused only on the movement of the sound or word. Vibrational meditation is similar to Transcendental meditation.

Transcendental meditation is meditation guided by a chant or series of words. During Transcendental meditation, a person repeats a mantra or chant many times. The chant can be silent or might be repeated aloud. This meditation is most useful for people who are easily distracted by outside noises or movement. Concentrating on an actual phrase is slightly easier than completely emptying the mind.

Each form of meditation allows the body and mind to reconnect. They calm the mind while increasing mental acuity. Meditation, no matter what the style, is an essential part of stress reduction.

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