What You Can Do To Avoid Heartburn?

What You Can Do To Avoid Heartburn?

Our unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits are the main causes of the problem of heartburn or acid reflex. It is generally caused by the acid in our stomach. When this acid enters the esophagus, it causes a burning sensation in throat and chest. This problem can cause a lot of inconvenience and pain.

By keeping a check on what we eat and how we eat our food, we can avoid this problem. Below mentioned are some healthy habits that you should incorporate in your lifestyle:

Eat healthy food:

Make healthy foods a part of your diet. Avoid having foods which have high amount of fat or spices. Your method of cooking should also be healthy; it means that you should avoid frying your food in butter or oil.

Eat yoghurt:

A major cause of heartburn is indigestion. Yoghurt contains a lot of good bacteria which help to make your digestion system strong and also improve your immunity.

Drink water:

Water detoxifies your system from all unwanted components. It will help to keep your body well hydrated, so that you can avoid other unhealthy beverages, such as tea, coffee etc.

Eat smaller portions:

heartburn generally occurs when you put pressure on your stomach. In order to avoid that you should eat smaller portions of food at regular intervals, rather than having three big meals a day.

Eat slowly:

Take time to chew your food properly so that it can be digested easily. Eating your food slowly will help you to feel full and can thus avoid overeating.

Watch your weight:

heartburn is also linked to obesity. Keep a check on your food intake and your weight. Include exercises and other physical activities in your routine.

The problem of heartburn is mainly caused by unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. By changing your lifestyle you can easily avoid this problem.

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