Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking Plenty of Water

Everyone knows that drinking water is beneficial to their health. Most people understand that replacing high-calorie drinks with water can speed their weight-loss. Few people understand how truly beneficial water is to the human body.

Water provides the transportation service within the human body. It travels through cells while it combines with and breaks down chemicals like sodium, protein, fats and carbohydrates. Water is essential for expelling any toxins from the body.

During urination, water carries ammonia and other waste materials from the organs out of the body. Water is an integral part of every process within the human machine.

Other benefits of adding water to your diet include lowering the pain caused by under-lubricated joints. Rheumatoid arthritis suffers often experience decreased pain when drinking an adequate amount of water each day.

By the time you feel thirsty, you are dehydrated. Drinking several glasses of water daily helps to alleviate thirst and lubricate joints. Water shortages in the disks of the spinal column cause low back pain because of the lack of cushioning. Drinking water regularly will limit the pain of many bone-related diseases.

Water is terrific for making your body regular. Everyone knows that being constipated is no fun. Many people with gastrointestinal diseases are lacking in hydration. Drinking soda, which contains sodium, can increase dehydration.

Dehydration causes constipation and can lead to disorders like kidney stones and weakened kidney function. You probably would not imagine that drinking water leads to less water retention in the body. The human body tends to store water when it feels that water is scarce. Drinking more water allows the body to eliminate excess water without diuretic medications.

Drinking water instead of soda or sugary juices can help with skin tone. Dry skin comes from environmental and internal factors. Drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate the damage to skin that is caused by exposure to the sun and wind.

Your cells require water to repair themselves. Without drinking water, there is no way to replenish water lost to sweat and wind. Water also helps to protect the tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin, giving you a lovely glow. You can get adequate fluid from other sources including juice or tea but plain water is most easily absorbed by your body’s organs.

Water is healthy for your brain. Many studies have shown that the human brain is affected immediately when dehydration occurs. Your mental state is altered when you become dehydrated and hallucinations are not uncommon.

Water helps to assist with normal brain function. Since brain cells and nerves do not regenerate like other cells in the body, water is essential to protect your brain. Water also protects your blood vessels, helping to provide oxygen-rich blood to the entire body.

No matter what your over-all health, water is an extremely valuable part of any diet regimen. Drinking plenty of water each day helps your body to perform in the best way possible.

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