Recommended Exercises For IBS

Recommended Exercises For IBS

IBS is a wildly unpredictable condition that can leave you guessing at when the next attack is coming. The positive thing about it however is that you can be confident that doing healthy things like getting the proper nutrition can help you to heal much faster from IBS flare ups. That’s why exercise can be a great way to help you find your way back to being healthier and more able to take on your day. This article will be covering some recommended exercises for IBS.

Yoga Can Help You

IBS can be aggravated by some relatively innocuous things, so you probably don’t want to bust into a full sprint when you’re feeling like you’re beginning to get and flare up. Yoga is a wonderfully low impact exercise that can help you to get in shape, relax, and soothe your internal organs. As you move through a range of poses, your body will begin to loosen and relax, this will help your body to reduce the chemicals that can signal your body to produce inflammation. Be sure to take deep breaths and short rest periods in between poses.

Walking Is Great

Going for a walk is a great way to get your heart rate up without having to run hard and stomp your weight onto your ankles. If you go for a moderately long walk you burn a lot of calories over time and release endorphins that will help you to feel healthier and centered in your day. It will also help you to keep you stress levels low. It is even better if you have access to some sort of nature walk. Studies have shown that being near nature helps to improve tranquility, and the surroundings will put you in a more relaxed state of mind.

Don’t Go Too Hard

Be aware of your body and what it can handle. Don’t push yourself too far past your limits because that could do more harm than good, and you will become discouraged from continuing to get any sort of exercise. Keeping things in your health balanced should you your primary goal. This also means that instead of simply going whenever, you should probably follow a schedule that makes sense and doesn’t intrude on the rest of your work, or family life. This will help your body to be more prepared when it’s time to exert itself.

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