Rehydrate Regularly For Maximum Muscle Growth

Rehydrate Regularly For Maximum Muscle Growth

Hydration is a topic that gets very little focus in muscle building circles. However, water is essential for countless functions within the body including muscle function, muscle growth and muscle repair. Therefore, failing to consume enough water can have an adverse effect on your muscle development and leave you disappointed with your results. This article will look at the importance of hydration for building up your muscles and provide you with some top tips for staying hydrated during the day.

How Water Helps Your Muscles Grow

Water stimulates muscle growth in many different ways and the list below takes a detailed look at these:

  • Your muscles contain over 70% water and because of this, staying hydrated promotes maximum muscle size. Becoming dehydrated can have a negative impact on your overall body composition and cause your muscles to shrink.
  • Water is essential for smooth, efficient muscle contractions and allows you to lift with maximum strength during your muscle building workouts. Not drinking enough water limits your muscle strength and inhibits your performance during weightlifting workouts.
  • Studies have shown that hydration has a positive effect on protein synthesis and enhances the rate at which your muscles recover. Dehydration on the other hand, reduces the rate at which your body uses protein and slows muscle recovery.

How To Rehydrate Regularly During The Day

Now that you know how water benefits your muscles, you need to ensure that you’re drinking enough. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for you to fill up on water which are highlighted in the list below. Simply follow these steps and drink the equivalent of eight or more glasses of water each day to stay hydrated:

  • One of the biggest blocks people have when it comes to drinking enough water is that they find it bland and boring in such large quantities. However, water comes in many different forms and you don’t have to drink pure water to hydrate your body. Coffee and tea are both excellent hydration options which contain zero calories. Water rich fruits and vegetables are another alternative which supply you with water along with a selection of other health boosting nutrients. So if pure water’s not your thing, take advantage of these alternative hydration options instead.
  • There are plenty of water timer apps on the market which can help you remember to rehydrate. If you don’t have a smartphone, a standard alarm clock can also be used to remind you to replenish your water levels every few hours.
  • Starting and ending your day with water (or one of the alternative hydration options listed above) is a great habit that will help keep your hydration levels high and prevent you from becoming dehydrated as you sleep.


If you don’t pay much attention to staying hydrated, now is the time to change. By drinking at least eight glasses of water per day, your muscles will operate, grow and repair much more efficiently and this will help you get the muscle building results you desire.

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