The Common Causes of Insomnia

The Common Causes of Insomnia

You know you have insomnia, and you have likely tried everything you know of to cure it. The problem is, if you don’t know what is causing it, it will appear again and may be worse than the last time. There are a few common causes of insomnia that you may not have discovered occurring in your day to day life, or that you may not have thought of at all. Here are a few and what you can do to stop them.

Stress and Anxiety

The leading cause of insomnia can be attributed to stress and anxiety. This may come from just day to day issues, an ongoing anxiety issue, or from issues you may be concerned about in your daily life. The major problem with stress and anxiety is that it leads to so many body issues as well. You can experience headaches, backaches, muscle pains and spasms, and also insomnia. One way to deal with the stress and anxiety is to journal. You can also use calming techniques such as breathing or you can simply find the source of the stress and remove yourself from that source.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues are something that many people do not consider when they thinka about their insomnia issues. The truth is, if your body is having digestive issues you may find yourself experiencing several related problems. These can be muscle pain, stomach cramps and pain, heartburn, and indigestion. In mild forms, these issues can alter your ability to fall asleep. In major cases, you may experience severe heartburn or stomach cramps that keep you awake at night and cause insomnia.

Outside Noises

Outside noises like having the television or radio on can cause insomnia related symptoms. For example, if you have your favorite show playing through a headset or on the television, you may think that it isn’t disturbing your sleep. The truth is, different levels of noises throughout the show can cause a disturbance and keep you from achieving restful or deep REM sleep.

You may notice one or all of these common causes of insomnia in your daily life. Once you make the proper steps to removing them or reducing their effects, you can begin on the path to restful sleep. If you notice the problem occurring again, consider journaling as a way to detect ongoing stressors in your life or issues that coalition with the time the insomnia started. This will help you remove them and move on.

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