Tai Chi Is Good for All Ages and Body Types

Tai Chi Is Good for All Ages and Body Types

No matter what shape or size you are, tai chi is a great workout.  Tai chi incorporates many aspects of your body’s muscles and mental abilities and puts them to work. Tai chi can work for people any age from 11 on up 80 and over.

Tai Chi Chuan, in Chinese, means “Supreme Ultimate Force.”  Tai Chi is best described as moving yoga and meditation combined together into one exercise.  Many of the moves come from martial arts, except slower.

Tai Chi is great for everyone because of how slowly it’s taken.  The movements are soft, graceful, and mindful.  This makes it easy for men and women of any body type – whether it be curvy or petite.

For many people the meditation aspect of Tai Chi is most enjoyable – for others, the combat aspects are the best. The purpose of Tai Chi is to attain a tranquil and calm mind, focused completely on the precise movements that are instructed.  Tai Chi practices good posture, alignment of the body, rhythm, and finding your center of balance.

Tai Chi can be practiced alone or in pairs.  If you chose to do Tai Chi with a partner, try the ‘push-hands’ exercise.  Tai Chi tries to develop being responsive and sensitive to another person’s Chi (hence Tai Chi).

Tai Chi is great for everyone – little, big, young, old – it doesn’t matter.  Tai Chi is slow and steady so that anyone can catch on very easily.  If you want a workout that you can do with a parent or your child, this is it!

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