Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights can be used when walking, running or exercising – and they help you tone your leg muscles. When you wear ankle weights, you’re giving your body something that works with its natural resistance.

When you wear ankle weights, it causes your body to push just a little bit harder to get the exercising done. Because of that, this helps you build muscle strength and firm up while you’re working out.

Not only that, but wearing ankle weights also helps aid your body in any weight loss goals. Your body will burn up calories quicker when you’re wearing weights. Any kind of weights, including ankle ones, make your body work harder and they do work out more than just your ankles.

Besides your ankles, the weights work your legs, your thigh muscles and even your core muscles. With the added resistance of weights, it enables your body to improve its ability to handle exercising.

You build stamina. You learn to last longer because you’re working our harder. You build muscle easier when you’re using ankle weights than when you’re not. Once you’ve worked out for some time with ankle weights, after you don’t use them during your routine, you’ll notice how much your strength has improved.

There are ankle weights that you can buy that can be worn around your ankle or your wrists. Some people like the option of being able to choose where to wear them.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy also, then you’ll want to look at the popular Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Cuff Weight Sets by Thera Band. These can be used for indoor or outdoor exercises.

You can get a choice of three weights. You can get a couple of one pound, one and a half pound, or two and a half pound weights. You want to be careful buying weights over 2.5 lbs. because anything heavier can stress your ankle joints.

These come with adjustable straps for either the wrist or the ankle. They’re made of terrycloth so they won’t rub and irritate your skin. They also have reflective trim, which is a safety feature if you wear them while exercising outside.

The same company also has the Comfort Fit Ankle or Wrist Cuff Weights by Thera Band (item #25872). These come in blue and weigh 2.5 lbs. for each cuff. These weights are not sealed within pockets so you can’t take them out to change up the weight.

They’re fastened on by easy to close velcro and made of soft material. If you’re looking for moisture absorbing material along with heavy duty ankle weights, then you’ll want the Ankle Weights Set by Nayoya Wellness.

These are adjustable – so regardless of the size of your ankles, you can get a comfortable fit. The weight size is 1.5 lbs. per each cuff. These are comfort padded and come with a carrying case.

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