Why Walking is the Best Mom Workout

Why Walking is the Best Mom Workout

As a mom, you are probably looking for ways to keep up with a fitness routine, but struggle with having a hectic schedule that is always changing. When you are looking for the right form of exercise, you should really consider walking. In many ways, this is the best exercise you can do. Just look at all the benefits of walking.

You Can Walk With Your Kids

One great reason to start walking for fitness is because it is something you can do as a family. This is something you can do at any time, even when you have the baby or when your older kids are still not quite old enough to stay home alone. It turns it into a fun and healthy family activity, and keeps you from stressing over trying to find a babysitter every time you want to exercise.

There Are No Rules With Walking

Walking is something you can do at any time, for as long as you want. You don’t need to access special equipment, and you can really wear just about anything. You can go for a long hour walk, hike with your kids up the trails, go to the park, or just walk during your lunch break at work. There is no need to grab your gym bag or change your clothes beforehand. As long as your shoes are comfortable enough, you should be just fine. However, you can also control the intensity based on where you walk, the incline, and how fast your speed is.

It is Easy to Combine With Other Activities

Walking is also ideal when you have a busy lifestyle and need to multi-task. You can combine it with other activities or chores you need to do during the day, such as taking your dog for a longer walk so you get good exercise, walking through the mall while doing your holiday shopping, or having a play date with your kids friends and everyone going for a walk to the local park.

You Don’t Have to Pay For Anything

As a mom, you might also find that you are a little tight on money. This isn’t an issue when you are walking. You can choose to buy new workout clothes and a fitness tracker, but this is completely optional. Walking can be 100 percent free by heading to nearby safe places to walk, instead of feeling like you need to go the gym or use a treadmill.

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