Why You Should Journal if You Are an Emotional Eater

Why You Should Journal if You Are an Emotional Eater

Do you eat meals that are larger than you should eat? If so, do you know what kinds of things contribute to the habit? Then you might want to try keeping a journal, because this can be an extremely effective way to peer into your daily routine and learn new information about yourself. Once you’ve looked at the information that you’ve collected, you can then begin to make some changes in your habits.

You Learn What Triggers You

Keeping a journal is important because it can give you specific information about the times of day, moods that you were in, and what you ate. This can give you a more accurate representation of how you came to be eating in the first place. If you notice that at a certain time of day you felt tense and wanted to eat a specific food that you use to self soothe, that is extremely valuable information because it helps you to establish a pattern of behavior, and helps you to avoid the things that cause you to lose control.

You Can Plan

After you know what things can become potential triggers to overeating situations, you will have a better chance to prevent any situations that might make you want to overeat. This can be done in a few different ways, but one of them would be to simply avoid certain types of snacks. You can easily find some healthy alternatives that give you better eating habits. If it is something social like a phone call from a person who causes you stress, then you can slot tie for them at moments where you are les emotionally vulnerable. Nothing you do shouldn’t come at the expense of your well-being.

You Can’t Hide from The Truth

One of the most powerful things about keeping a feed journal, is that it gives you a hard look into your real habits day to day. When you don’t keep track of what you eat, it’s easy to simply drop the fast foods trash into a garbage can before you get home. That destroys the evidence of what you ate, and makes it much harder to know what you ate. You can’t trick a journal. What you ate and when are in there, and it give you the chance to see what you are really doing, how much you’re spending, and can show you what puts you in that place to begin with.

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