Treating Panic Attacks without Medication

Treating Panic Attacks without Medication

Anxiety development and subsequent panic attacks, have become one of the most common psychological disorders of the present day and the medication route for treating the problem has become one of the most favorable treatment options – causing a debate on the issue to continue plaguing us. When you think about the methods of treating panic attacks and anxiety, you will want to come to a conclusion about the ways that you personally want to go about treating your condition.

According to the lively debate, two contrasting views raise two very vital questions on the relevance of the treatment path behind panic attacks and anxiety. As stated by some physicians, treatment for panic attack should consist of medication only. According to some (but not all) trained professionals, the medication is necessary for addressing several body metabolism changes that take place simultaneously with the panic attack scenario. Adding further on it, the physicians come up with two commonest types of medication procedures including SSRIs and Benzodiazepines.

In the first aspect, the physicians deal with a procedure of Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors. Oftentimes, this procedure is chosen as the first option for treating the panic attacks  – not only just among the physicians, the patients too, prefer this mode of the treatment in most cases.

In short, this mode of treatment assists in reducing the panic attacks to a great level by making an attempt to increase serotonin levels in the brain regions. In one of its most hallmarked styles of treatment, the SSRI requires at least a few weeks of time for showing effect of medication on the patient.

However, the scenario is distinctly different if we look at the second mode. The second mode of treatment known as Benzodiazepine treatment comes with more frequent dosage in comparison to the SSRIs. In its hallmark treatment, the Benzodiazepines is utilized more frequently than the SSRI. The dosage usually continues over significantly lengthy period of months.

To point out the non-usage of medication as a form of anxiety treatment, it should be stated that, while many physicians are against using drugs to treat anxiety-based behaviors, a certain section of the panic attack patients themselves suggest that dependency on medication sometimes does not bode well for the individuals suffering from the panic attacks.

As pointed out by some of patients, getting reliant on the prescription medication has become a serious danger for them. As an obvious outcome, individuals suffering from panic attacks, start consuming the prescription medication whenever they feel like it. Such a drug reliance results in suffering individuals consuming the prescription medication on their own. The scenario may result in dangerous outcome, where patients developing dangerous physical complexities by consuming the random prescription medication and also because it has been shown in many studies that SSRIs have very limited effectiveness and can become less and less effective the longer that they are used.

Thereby, a section of the panic attacked individuals point out to lead an essentially stress-free life by indulging in regular emotional and physical exercise and consuming a healthy diet.

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