Muse Headband Hard Carrying Case Product Review

Muse Headband Hard Carrying Case Product Review

Even though exercise can be thought of as an activity that needs no props and accessories, there are a plethora of tools and equipment in the market that enable us to achieve far better physical and mental output. The Muse: Brain Sensing Headband has enabled those who wish to gain insights into their brain wave activities with the biofeedback necessary for training the various reaches of the human mind. However, being able to continue your meditative practice with the headband is only possible if you take care of the gear as much as you take care of your own mind and body.

The Official Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband Hard Carrying Case is efficiently designed to withstand accidental bumps, shocks and vibrations while keeping the headband intact and safe. Frequent travelers and on-the-go practitioners can take their routines with them and never have to worry about the fragility of the headband as everyday wear and tear is kept to a minimum, affecting only the outside of the case.

The case is designed as a tightly woven nylon fabric with a smooth finish. A U-shaped zipper enclosure allows for one-pull access, and there is ample space inside for additional accessories such as an external hard drive or mp3 music player.

The rugged construction and design of the case gives you less to be conscious of while transporting, and still looks stylish on the outside. Including a carrying case in your overall investment in the Muse product line literally assures your peace of mind as your meditative practice is sustained for many more years to come.

Product Features:

  • Official Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband Hard Carrying Case.
  • Protect your Muse Headband from everyday wear and tear.
  • Rugged construction and design, yet stylish on the outside.

Plus Points:

  1. Ultra-lightweight for its size:The case in itself weighs only 0.5 lbs., although it may seem bigger on the outside.
  2. Can also act as storage: If you are conscious of dirt and dust accumulating on your headband, the carrying case can also act as an easily identifiable enclosure that appears sleek at any corner of your house.

Things To Consider:

  1. May take time to readjust the headband before storage:The Muse Headband must be readjusted to the original position before it can fit inside the carrying case, as the parts must still be held upright to assure adequate protecting from sudden bumps while transporting the case. The effort to readjust the Muse Headband’s sliders before and after transport may be cumbersome for its users, but it can be considered a welcome compromise in long-term mental health.
  2. Case may be too large for some: The design of the carrying case may not fit in your travelling backpack and may seem too bulky for some, but bear in mind that this was designed so that shocks and vibrations that may cause potential damage to the headband are effectively cushioned.
  3. No strap or handle: There is no handle present, and it would feel awkward to bring it about with both hands. This gives the impression that vehicular transport seems to be the optimal way to carry it about, although it is meant for portability.

Product Summary:

The Official Muse: Brain Sensing Headband Hard Carrying Case is crafted to protect the headband from daily bumps and vibrations common while in transit.By effectively shielding the headband, you are able to continue your meditative practices wherever you go, whether on vacations or business trips. The exterior and inner lining of the case is made of tightly woven nylon fabric with a smooth finish, and the contents are easily accessible through a U-shaped zipper enclosure. Seasoned travelers and working professionals who are in a hurry can drag the case around while not stressing themselves about the contents, and there is even enough space inside for additional accessories such as an external hard drive or mp3 music player. The headset then easily becomes one less thing to worry about while going around your daily priorities as its rugged construction and design sustains the wear and tear of the road and yet appears stylish on the outside with a semi-formal look and feel.

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