Making Exercise at Home Fun

Making Exercise at Home Fun

Exercising is very healthy for our bodies, but sometimes getting motivated enough to do it can be tough. More people are abandoning their exercise bikes and at-home workout tapes because they’ve started to consider these routine programs more of a chore than a benefit.

There are many exercises you can do to get the same results and have fun in the process. Try playing an active game with your kids like tag or have some running races. The time running around and having fun is actually burning calories and getting your heart pumping, so you can exercise, have some fun and spend time with your kids all at once.

If you have a swimming pool, try burning calories by splashing around and doing laps in the pool. It would be an excellent way to get some exercise in while doing something you love. Swimming also burns calories while building up your muscles. The water acts as a weight so you get more benefit from your exercise routine.

Add music to your exercise routine. Sometimes you can get motivated to exercise with just a little music to play while you move around.  It makes exercising more interesting to you and gives you a little boost of energy to keep going.

Invite a friend or family member over to exercise with you. Sometimes having someone with you to joke around with helps you get through the exercise routine faster. A 30-minute exercise regimen can seem like it only took 10 minutes when you have someone to exercise with. They can inspire you while you inspire them.

You can try using a mini trampoline to make your exercise routine fun. These can make your exercise program fun and easy to do because you can bounce around and get your activity done. These mini trampolines can be easily stored since they can fold up and be placed in a closet.

You can also move your exercise bike next to the television set, so you can ride while watching your favorite show or movie. The television keeps your attention on what’s going on in the screen – and off of the exercising routine, so you can get 30 minutes of riding in before you even know it. Some people also read their favorite book while they ride their exercise bike.

Rewarding yourself is another good option. If you exercise daily for a set amount of time, then celebrate your accomplishment and give yourself a treat. Go shopping for a shirt you’ve wanted or treat yourself to a day of beauty.

Keep a personal journal and mark on it each day when you’ve completed your exercise program. When you reach a certain number of marks, you can give yourself the reward of whatever you want.  Exercising can be fun if you come up with ways to make it more interesting – and the more interesting it is, the more likely you’ll be to keep it up for the long-term.

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