Introduction Cy-Yo

Introduction Cy-Yo

Some people are not comfortable with doing excessive daily workouts to lose weight. They may not have time to spend hours in the gym everyday or every other day because of work, kids or busy schedules. There is a new exercise that is quick, easy and fun to do in one hour called Cy-Yo. Cy-Yo is a combination of workouts that can help you lose weight by burning calories and relax your mind, body and soul at the same time. This type of exercise workout is a combination of speed cycling and yoga. You will lose weight, get in shape, tone your body and feel healthier and more relaxed all at the same time. You will achieve many benefits from doing this as a routine workout.

Cy-Yo is based on a one hour workout session. To start the session with a warm up with yoga for 10 minutes to get stretched and focused. Then you will do 40 minutes of workout by doing indoor cycling. The indoor cycling will help with your cardio and also lose the weight. When you do indoor speed cycling you will burn calories fast. The more calories you burn the more weight you will lose. When you are done with the cycling workout you will finish up with 10 more minutes of yoga to cool down and calm your mind and body.

Yoga is known to be helpful with improving body movements, function and flexibility. Yoga is great for strengthening and helps relieve or reduce stress on your body and mind. By doing Yoga, you will meditate easier and relax your mind to relieve everyday stress that makes you tense and uptight. Yoga helps you relax your body to ease pressure and pain that you may have from stresses in your life. You will feel more rejuvenated and stress free after doing this workout.

The indoor cycling is the most aggressive part of the workout. This will work your cardio, strengthen your body and give you muscle tone. Cycling will help you burn calories quickly while having fun. You will get your cardio from this by raising your heart rate to a healthy speed. This will get your heart in shape and keep it healthier. You will feel healthier and more energetic. Indoor cycling will also help with detoxing your body making you and your body healthier.

There are many people today that have stress from work and home that can cause pain and tension on your mind and body. Cy-Yo is the ultimate workout for people that have busy lives. With this workout you will get two workouts in one. This workout is giving you both worlds of fitness and weight loss at the same time. Cy-Yo will help rejuvenate your mind and relax your body so you can face the day with more ease.

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