Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas

Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas

You may have a hectic morning, and everyone is gone for lunch. This makes a healthy dinner a vital part of your day. You have an instant pot, and you know it can create many meals, but what you may not know is how to create a healthy dinner that will work with your instant pot and for your family. Here are a few healthy dinner ideas featuring superfoods that can help your body work at its optimal levels.

Instant Beef Stew

Beef stew is something you immediately think of and think about long cooking times. With an instant pot you don’t have to worry about that. An exceptional and easy beef stew can take much less than an hour. Just add your ingredients and hit stew. That sounds simple, but it is because it is that simple. You can add more flavor to your beef stew by adding superfood vegetables and sauteeing them at the start of the stew process. Once that is done you can add your meat to get a good sear and then add the rest of your beef stew ingredients. Just hit soup or stew and walk away. This gives you a great meal that you can serve up or let the family grab as they have a chance.

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup

Shredded chicken can be premade in your instant pot and used later in soups like chicken and brown rice soup. All you need is brown rice, broth of your choice, some vegetables of your choice, and the shredded chicken. Cook for about an hour and enjoy. This is an ideal option for fall and winter meals where you want something comforting but at the same time you want something healthy an filling. The key tip for this meal is to go with vegetables that are superfoods and brown rice to cut down on unhealthy items in the soup.

Refried Beans

Though refried beans are not a full meal they are the base for many mexican meals. You can take pinto beans, broth, and some seasonings and place them in your instant pot. Cook the beans down until they are easy to blend. Blend them down and cook for a few more minutes. You will have an easy refried bean meal that can be added to rice, meat, or used a vegetarian base for burritos and taco salads. This is ideal if you are vegetarian and looking for a way to use your instant pot for bean based meals that are full of nutrients and pack a punch to your healthy diet.

You can start with these ideas and work your way to bigger meals. These meals are designed to be healthy, work with your instant pot, and give you a beginner meal that is filling. Remember, the ideal option is learn to use your instant pot for a variety of options so you find yourself making healthy dinner meals each night.

Best Instant Pot Healthy Dinner Ideas

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