Top 10 Detox Programs

Top 10 Detox Programs

Have you made up your mind to go on a detox program but don’t quite know how to get started? Well, there are many detox programs out there these days and most of them claim to offer the same health benefits. These include boosting your energy levels, improved mental focus and improved immunity. However, not all detox plans work as claimed. To help you make an informed decision, here are the top 10 detox programs that are known to be effective when implemented properly.

1 – The 24 Hour Cleanse

The 24 Hour Cleanse can remove toxins from your body in a very short period of time if you’re generally healthy. This detox program works especially well if you’ve been binge eating after a holiday season or want to flush out toxins contained in prescription drugs after recovering from a medical condition. The program involvestaking a concoction of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup during the 24 hours to expel toxins from your body, flush out your digestive system and rejuvenate your vital organs.

2 – David Kirsch’s 48 Hour Detox Diet

David Kirsch’s two day cleanse is a juice detox diet. Dieters survive on several glasses of juice made from all-natural ingredients such as Acai berry, cranberry extract, vitamin B-12, and milk thistle. The carefully chosen ingredients promise to kick start your metabolism and cleanse your system thanks to the presence of antioxidant-rich nutrients.

3 – The BluePrint Cleanse

Like many other dietary detox programs, The BluePrint Cleanse helps your body to rid itself of toxins that accumulate over time. This juice and veggies detox diet supplies you with enzymes, vitamins and minerals that your body can easily assimilate. By taking away the work of digesting solid foods, The BluePrint Cleanse also allows your body to expel toxins while facilitating healing. There are three levels of The BluePrint Cleanse you can choose from; renovation (beginner), foundation (medium) and excavation (advanced). The program itself last for 3-10 days depending on your chosen level.

4 – The Candida Cleanse

This detox diet was designed to treat an overgrowth of fungus and yeast in the body and there are two options to choose from. The first one is a 7-14 day cleanse consisting of steamed greens taken with a daily liver and detox drink. The other option lasts 3-7 days and involves consuming a daily vegetable broth with detox drinks. The Candida Cleanse also includes an optional colonic irrigation for further detoxification.

5 – The Clean Program

Lasting for up to three weeks, The Clean Program is a rather lengthy detoxification regimen that claims to restore gut health, reduce digestive load and enhance the elimination of toxins. This is achieved by removing foods that are high in chemicals while consuming nutritious, flavored shakes twice a day along with a set of specific supplements.

6 – The JuJu Cleanse

The JuJu Cleanse allows you to choose either a one day or three day detox juice diet. Your digestive system gets a break as you abstain from solid foods during this cleanse and the juices are loaded with powerful healing nutrients. If you decide to complete The JuJu Cleanse, you will need to purchase the juices as well as the program guide but they are made from top-notch organic ingredients and are well worth the money.

7 – The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is a 10 day detox program that involves the intake of daily laxatives along with6-12 glasses of special juice. During this detox, you’re only allowed to take water, the Master Cleanse lemonade concoction, a nighttime laxative tea and a morning salt-water flush. This diet allows the body to remove toxins that build-up over time as you take a break from solid foods. Although it’s one of the most intensive detox programs, The Master Cleanse is highly effective and you will experience its benefits for a long time after completing the detox.

8 – The No Sugar Cleanse

Just as the name implies, this detox program takes away all forms of sugar from your daily diet for a period of 21 days. Too much sugar disrupts your blood glucose levels, damages your body’s cells, increases your risk of developing various chronic diseases and much more. Removing sugar from your diet allows you to avoid all these harmful effects and feel more energized.

9 – The Ultimate Tea Diet

The Ultimate Tea Diet is a fantastic option for losing weight and enriching your body with antioxidants. This diet runs for 14 days and involves drinking a range of detox teas while consuming high fiber foods.

10 – The Water Fast

The Water Fast is perhaps the most grueling of all types of detox programs because participants get to eat and drink nothing but water. There is no limit as to how long this detox regimen should last but most people usually do a 1-5 day water fast. Fasting on just water allows your body to completely cleanse itself and remove toxins more efficiently. It also has a rejuvenating effect on your digestive system by giving it a complete break from processing solid foods. Plus, since only water is consumed, it costs nothing to complete this detox program.


While all these 10 detox programs are highly beneficial, it’s important that you consult with a health care professional before embarking on them. Attempting to detox while pregnant, taking medication or if you have an underlying health disorder can do more harm than good, so make sure you get a second opinion before going ahead with a cleanse.

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