How To Deal With Weight Loss Setbacks Positively

How To Deal With Weight Loss Setbacks Positively

If there is one thing certain in life, it is the fact that we will all experience setbacks. This is especially true if you have big weight loss goals. Setbacks are part and parcel of the weight loss journey. The good news is that by putting mind over matter you can overcome these setbacks without negatively impacting your weight loss progress. That is why below we will look at 5 important and positive tips which you can employ when dealing with weight loss setbacks.

1 –Don’t Judge The Setback

The entire connotation of the word ‘setback’ is negative. Though this is a natural response, acknowledging that a setback is a common and inevitable experience will help you deal with them more positively.

If you recognize that a setback is simply life taking its course, is there any need for you to judge your situation? For example, Christmas is a time of festivities where everyone puts on weight. If you are on a strict diet but find that you are 5 pounds heavier on the 27th of December, do not judge yourself and put yourself down. This setback is being experienced by everyone in your position. It is minor and can be overcome. There is no point sabotaging your future weight loss efforts by focusing on this one minor setback negatively.

Next time you experience a setback, remember that you cannot control everything that happens. Sometimes things will not go according to your well thought out plans but with the right mindset moving forward, these setbacks will have little impact on your long term weight loss goals.

2 –Evaluate The Setback Objectively

In addition to not judging the setback, it’s important to evaluate it objectively. A lot of the time you will find that the impact the setback has had on your weight loss program is minimal and is therefore nothing to worry about.

Once you have calmly taken a step back and evaluated your situation, you also have the ability to identify the actions that caused the setback. Then you can work towards improving on these actions going forward. Remember to take responsibility for your weight loss setbacks when it is needed but do not use this as an excuse to berate yourself.

3 –Focus On The Positives

When you are dealing with a setback, you can choose to look at the downsides of the setback or focus on the positives of the setback and learn from them. For example, if you gain a few pounds, you can look at it as a failure which then leads to further future negative thoughts about losing weight. Alternatively, you can look at all the positive steps that happened before the setback occurs.

By realizing that there were many positives and just a single negative leading up to this setback, you’ll feel a lot better about your weight loss journey as a whole. As you practice this habit, the positive feelings you have towards losing weight will grow and grow and you’ll naturally experience fewer setbacks as time goes by.

4 –Use It As A Motivational Tool

When you go through a weight loss setback, it can help to remind you exactly why you want to lose weight. This can then help to reinforce your weight loss goals, strengthen your desire to lose weight and act as a powerful motivational tool. So any time you experience a weight loss setback, use it as an opportunity to fully focus on your weight loss goals and exactly why you want to achieve them.

5 –Move Forward

It is important to acknowledge that you have experienced a weight loss setback but it is unwise to dwell on what you have done wrong. Instead,use it as a positive learning experience and move forward from there. You can gain valuable insights from every weight loss setback and then use these insights to enhance your weight loss efforts going forward. This will reduce the chances of similar setbacks occurring in the future and provide you with a solid platform for weight loss success.


I hope this article has helped to highlight that even though your weight loss journey will not be smooth and that you will experience setbacks, they are an inevitable part of the journey and will often help you succeed in the long run. So when you experience weight loss setbacks, make sure you put these 5 tips into action and use them as a tool to strengthen your weight loss efforts going forward.

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