How to Help Depression-Related Insomnia

How to Help Depression-Related Insomnia

Insomnia is bad enough, especially on nights when you have work the next day or something vital that must be done. It becomes even worse when you have depression related symptoms with that insomnia. If you are trying to overcome your depression related insomnia, you may be wondering what methods will work for you or could reduce instances. Here are a few that may be ideal for your issue.

Journaling Before Bed

One of the easiest ways to avoid depression related insomnia is to try journaling before bed. This may seem like it would not work, but you may find that journaling does allow you to get to the root of your depression and get it out of your system before bed. This reduces the chances of your mind wandering and causing depression related thoughts before sleep. If journaling about your day is not your cup of tea, you can try another option. This option is a gratitude journal. Simply write down the good points of your day, removing the focus from anything negative.

Avoid Negativity Before Sleep

Social media is something many people check before they go to bed. Though there are some cute posts and funny posts, a lot of people tend to bring the drama when they go to social media. If you are reading this drama, it may upset you or depress you. You may not even think about it until well after the fact. By avoiding social media negativity and drama, you can reduce your depression related insomnia and you may find yourself sleeping better at night.

Cope With Daily Issues

One of the leading factors to depression related insomnia is the lingering issues from your daily life creeping into your sleeping thoughts. This is due to the anxiety that the thoughts of your daily issues can cause. If you have unresolved issues, you should try to resolve them before sleep. Try to work them out with the person. If it is an issue that you can not workout with a person or by simply resolving the issue then consider writing down the issue with ideas for resolving it. This can help to clear your mind and get you back on the right track away from depression.

Though there are some more common solutions, like herbal tea, they may not work for long term depression related insomnia issues. These methods can be used for both long and short term and will help you to reduce the occurrences of your insomnia as a whole and when it is depression related.

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