How Mindful Eating Can Help

How Mindful Eating Can Help

Did you’ve read the title of this article and ask, “What is mindful eating?” Mindful eating is a process that you use to gain control over eating habits. Sometimes when you eat, you’re tired, bored, or simply killing time. During these types of eating rituals, time may seem to pass quickly without your noticing, or even more distressing, you look down and realize that you completely obliterated a bag of snacks that you just purchased that day. One really great way to deal with that sort of occurrence, is to make it a point to practice mindful eating.

Experience the Meal

The first step to good mindful eating habits, is to focus on the meal. This is to say in a very literal sense to focus on how it looks, what it’s made of, and to notice things about what you’re eating. This will cause you to slow down truly have control over how much you are eating during your meal. As you learn to savor the taste of the food, rather than shoveling it and swallowing as quickly as possible, you will have an enjoyable experience that allows your body to digest and chew your food sufficiently.

Get Rid of Distractions

A lot of times, it can become easy to binge eat food when you’re distracted. This means that when you are first trying to retrain your mind and body to eat properly, it might be a good idea to reduce the amount of distractions such as television or social media when you are sitting down to have a meal. Snack foods are made to tempt the senses and be momentarily enjoyable, but when you take away the focus of eating and allow your hands to go into auto pilot, that could be a path directly to unmonitored eating.

Waiting 20 Minutes

When it comes to eating seconds, a good rule to use is the “Wait 20 minutes” before you eat more food rule. Science has been telling people that it takes a small amount of time between the consumption of food and the brain’s ability to registers that food has been eaten. If you have waiting the full 20 minutes and you still feel hungry, there is a chance that you are still hunger, but if you got distracted and found some other way to fill your time before eating, then you just might have been bored.

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