Top 10 Low Carb Foods

Top 10 Low Carb Foods

Many people are not aware that the top 10 low-carb foods are ready made and can be purchased at your local grocery store. This makes life much easier, after working all day, to easily put together a healthy meal. The key to this shopping expedition is to buy some protein, some vegetables, and some healthy fat. Once this is accomplished you are good to go.

You might want to start at the deli food center to select your first low-carb food. This is one of the best locations to find low-carb foods. If you are a tuna lover, a chicken fanatic, or even if shrimp salad is your choice then you will strike it rich shopping in this section of the store. The chicken you can eat on its own, of course. However, if you choose tuna, or something similar, you can eat it on its own or you might choose to wrap it in a low-carb tortilla. You can even add a little dressing, to add a special taste, as long as you make certain it does not contain a lot of sugar.

Now you can drive your shopping cart to the salad bar. Here you can select your second low-carb choice. This can prove to be another delightful area as in many stores you will be able to mix and match your favorites that meet your specific tastes and dietary preferences. When buying the top choices of low-carb vegetables, your next choice should concentrate on celery, mushrooms, green beans, Bell peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli. Each of these require very little preparation. They add an extra spark to your deli tuna or the chicken you have selected for your dinner meal.

Your fifth low-carb stop can be in the pre-made salad section. The new containers used these days often offer separate compartments to allow you to keep runny, juicy choices from mixing with your other choices. Here you will want to choose salads with mixed greens. This is a better choice opposed to iceberg lettuce which is very low in nutrients. Choice six might be a delicious deviled egg. This selection will add a real zesty flavor to your meal. You can then head to the cheese section for your seventh choice. The individually-wrapped cheeses are not only convenient but a rich source of protein. Your better choices are Mini-Gouda and Mini-Bel.

You are now down to your three final choices. For choice number eight you might choose a low-sugar fruit. Low-carb fruits are generally good choices as long as they fit into your personal diet plan. Fruits lowest in sugar include rhubarb and raspberries. Blackberries and cranberries are also good choices. Those fruits with a little more sugar include strawberries, casaba melon, papaya, watermelon, peaches, nectarines, and blueberries. If you plan on having a snack later in the evening, you might consider a sugar-free gelatin snack. You can find something to meet your sweet tooth, by choosing from packs of individual sugar-free gelatin cups. Jello is an excellent choice as long as your choice is one which offers just 10 calories per serving.

You are nearly finished with your shopping tour. You have one final stop to complete your low-carb choices. The tenth choice is the low-carb meal replacement bars. You need to study each label very carefully. It is very difficult to find a replacement bar that is sugar-free. It is also difficult to find a choice that does not have sugar alcohols such as maltitol. One brand that does meet the need is the Atkins Advantage Bars. Even so, you need to read the label as even some of the Atkins Bars contain maltitol.

Best Low Carb Foods to Eat

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