Filling Low Fat Foods

Filling Low Fat Foods

When embarking on a diet with the idea of losing weight, finding foods that are filling and low fat can be a real obstacle. Hunger is one of the biggest enemies of weight-loss and a person who is hungry will often make bad choices regarding food. With so many food options available, it is often a challenge to find foods that are healthy and low in calories.

An easy way to make the correct food choices to help with weight-loss is by creating a list of foods that are both filling and low in fat and calories. This list should be kept handy so that it can be referred to when hunger strikes. Placing the list in an obvious location, like the door of the refrigerator, is an excellent reminder to pick healthy snacks. Fruits and vegetables are an obvious addition to the list and should be considered first when dieting. Most vegetables and fruits contain large amounts of fiber which help the body to feel full while keeping the fat intake low. Many people benefit from purchasing fruit which has been peeled and cut into bite-sized sections. Vegetables that are cut into small pieces and arranged in sealed containers last well in the refrigerator. Having access to the vegetables without the need to prepare them makes them more appetizing.

Chicken breast and turkey breast, along with lean lunch meats, make good low-fat snacks and meals as well. Many people choose to cook several pieces of chicken or turkey and then freeze portions for later use. Having these on-hand also gives a person the option of choosing a low-fat meal or snack rather than ordering a pizza when time is a factor for meal preparation. A good option for lunch can be a slice of low-fat cheese with turkey on a piece of whole-grain bread. Add a pickle and a small serving of unsweetened applesauce and this meal becomes an excellent source of vitamins as well as low in calories and fat.

Finding low-fat but filling foods doesn’t have to be a chore. When at a restaurant, ordering a large salad or a fruit cup prior to your meal makes an excellent appetizer while avoiding unwanted fat. Just make sure to avoid the salad dressing which generally contains fat and calories. Ordering popcorn at the movie theater is fine for snacking; just avoid the butter and salt. Popcorn without butter is a great filler at home as well. Drinking a glass of water prior to each meal is another way to feel full without adding calories. Water doesn’t contain calories or fat and takes space in the stomach. Drinking one full glass of water prior to eating will slow food intake and reduce fat.

Choosing fruits, vegetables and lean meats for daily meals and avoiding sugary snacks will have an immediate effect on blood sugar and fat in the body. The best diet to choose when weight-loss is desired is a healthy diet.

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