Weight Vests

Weight Vests

If you want to add endurance to your bodyweight training routine, you’ll want to get some weight vests. These are handy pieces of clothing that help kick your workout up a notch.

What they do is take the natural resistance your body can already give and make it work harder for your benefit. It’s the same concept of someone running with an additional weight on them – like when someone runs carrying a heavy backpack.

The body gets used to this resistance in the form of weight. So when you work out wearing a weight vest and then you don’t use it, it actually increases your level of performance.

And the best thing about using weight vests is that you can start out with a lesser weight and build up to the maximum weight if you’re just starting out with a bodyweight training routine.

Plus, you have the option of adding more weight at any time. You’ll want to use a vest when you’re doing things like pushups, pullups etc. ZFOsports has a great weighted vest that’s adjustable for up to 40 pounds of additional resistance weight.

The design of this vest is made to fit snugly regardless of the type of movement you’re doing while working out. The weight bags fit snugly inside the pockets and won’t move around – even when your workout is fast paced.

You can wear the vest when you’re running as well. A weight vest will help you lose weight and boost your workout power. It’s also designed so that it can be worn by a man or a woman.

There’s also another vest that can be used by men or women. That one is the CROSS101. It can also hold a maximum of 40 pounds. The vest is adjustable with the weights, so if you need to start lighter, then you can.

It comes in a camouflage material. The weights in this vest are sand weights, so they’re moldable for easy pocket fits. They’re good for use in running or power walking.

The vest is 15” in length and it has a width of 13” so there’s no extra material to interfere with your workout. Now, if you’ve already elevated your workout and maxed out the 40 pounds that you’ll find is the limit with some vests, there is a way that you can move your resistance level up.

You can get the ZFOsports vest that will adjust up to 60 pounds of weight. It’s a one size fits all and you can add weights at 4 pounds at a time instead of 2 like with some vests. The vest is designed to fit men or women and is molded, which prevents the weights from shifting around.

Best Weight Vests For Resistance Training

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