Yoga Poses That Help Boost Your Fertility

Yoga Poses That Help Boost Your Fertility

When you think of working out in an effort to boost your fertility, you may not think of yoga. The truth is, yoga can offer several benefits to women who have fertility issues and are trying to boost their chances. If you are new to yoga, or if you have been doing very basic poses, there are some that may be more ideal and suited for your needs. Here are just a few to consider.

Seated Forward Bend

The seated forward bend is one of the first yoga poses you should do when you do a yoga for fertility routine. The reason is because the pose, which has you sitting with your legs stretched straight out and your body bent over so your hands are on your ankles and your face is to your legs, has various benefits. The bend not only stretches the muscles in the lower back and legs, it also stimulates the ovaries and the muscles near and around the reproductive system.

Butterfly Pose

The butterfly pose is one of the most recognizable poses. Having you sit cross legged with your ankles folded over each other. It can take some getting used to, but the butterfly pose helps with fertility immensely. It removes the toxins from the area. It also stretches your groin and your pelvic muscles. This has been shown to lead to increased blood production during the period, which means an increased amount of toxins is removed from the body each month. This keeps the reproductive system pure and clean and available to better egg production and reception of sperm.

Legs Up the Wall

Legs up the wall allows you to stretch your legs and align your back. You may think this does not help, but consider this. The position works like an at home chiropractor by aligning your back and muscles. This leads to better overall health and a more relaxed system. That leads to better reproductive health which leads to strong egg and sperm production.

Rhythmic Rapid Breathing

There are many different types of yoga and each has their own pose name for rhythmic rapid breathing. Though this may not sound like a pose it actually is. You get into the lotus or butterfly position and begin rhythmic breathing in your diaphragm. This does take practice and may require a special instructor until you get used to the pose. The benefits of this pose for fertility is to balance hormone levels.

If you are a more advanced yoga practitioner, you may find that these yoga poses are not enough to keep you going and energized. There are hundreds of other poses, and even prenatal and fertility yoga classes that can help. Consider speaking to your yoga instructor for more advanced poses, how to do them, and how often you should be doing them to help with your fertility.

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