Why Every Man Should Be Doing Yoga

Why Every Man Should Be Doing Yoga

In weight lifting, running, swimming, and sports, men are seen as the image of physical health. In recent years however, more information has come to light about exercise and its effectiveness, and Yoga has become a more grounded staple in the fitness world, but some men remain confused and tied to the old jerky,  testosterone-fueled workout routines. Could Yoga be a way to bridge a fitness gap that is so present in many older workout routines? Let look at a few reasons why men should be doing Yoga.

Reduces Stress

Yoga is famous for its focus and concentration. The ties that you form with your body through focus and discipline can be extremely relaxing, all done while increasing physical prowess. Yoga poses give you an intimate experience with different muscle groups, and increase awareness of your body.

It Increases Your Range of Motion

A lot of traditional exercises utilize a very limited range of motion. When your workout routine limits the range of motion, you limit your ability to function to a certain point. That is why some bodybuilders develop lifting habits that cause them to look stiff, and have a visibly limited range of motion. Yoga promotes a complete range of motion, which can give you a more efficient lifting motion. A well designed program will teach you to open up areas that you could be limiting without your knowledge.

Yoga Improves Breathing

Many people are surprised to discover that often breathe incorrectly. This is especially true of their breathing during workout routines. Yoga takes time to focus explicitly on breathing, and as the class intensifies, the breathing intensity decreases. Controlled breathing also plays a strong role in heart health, so deep breathing is a good activity to practice regularly in general.

Strengthens Stabilizer Muscles

Yoga uses a thorough combination of twists, and lateral moves that could cause you to find yourself thinking of your body in a very different way. These exercises are great for strengthening areas, but they are mostly important for stabilizing and balancing the body. These muscle groups that often go unnoticed pay a pivotal role in increasing joint health, which will also help to prevent those unexpected twisting injuries.

Increases Balance

When you have gained awareness of and strength in your body and previously unused muscle groups, you will experience a much more balanced and confident body than before. With the benefits of yoga, you can be sure to enjoy an improved physical state of being.

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