Finding The Reasons To Lose Weight Helps You To Create A Solid Goal

Why Finding The Reasons Why You Want To Lose Weight Helps You To Create A Solid Goal

Some people draw up exercise plans on a whim. After glancing at modeling magazines or pictures of friends at the beach they suddenly want to set their priorities aside to be a bit fitter and sexier. You’ll see them jog a few laps every week, purchase expensive gym memberships and go on quick weight loss diets. By the next month, their interest wanes and they’re back to their old habits: partying, drinking, binge eating and just having an undisciplined good time. Why the sudden change of heart?

You may be interested in taking a regimen upon yourself, but you’ll have to be wiser than most of the people around you. You can’t sustain your motivation for prolonged periods of time without deep personal reasons for your goal. Inspiration fades and predictable tasks set in at some point. All you will have left is your sense of struggle and compelling reasons for losing weight and they’d better not be shallow or else they’ll fade as quickly as last summer. So why does finding reasons as to why you’d want to lose weight help you to create a solid goal?

You can establish a foundation for long-term success. As said before, you can’t sustain a long-term effort on shallow reasons. If your goal is to impress the opposite sex through sculpted muscles and abs you won’t find a lot of motivation for it on a psychological level. As soon as you’re panting and gasping on the treadmill you’ll start to give out and give up. However, if you say that you want a toned body so you can finish a 5k run for charity, you’ll be surprised at how much motivation you can feel from the core of your being. The tallest trees have the deepest roots.

You can delineate the steps you need to achieve your goal. If your reason to lose weight is to get rid of excess bulk so you can run faster, you can set tangible goals as to how to get there. By being exact and specific about your goals, you can be sure that the steps you create and take towards your goal move you forward. A solid plan is a plan that clearly states and enumerates the how-to’s and what-to-do’s of proper exercise.

You can protect yourself from frustration and mismanagement. You don’t end up deceiving yourself with false hopes about weight loss and you know what to expect. Clear reasons provide a vision for your plan and the plan in turn gives you a roadmap to achieve the vision. You’re not haphazardly searching for answers since you’ve already figured things out before you started to act.

You can put yourself in the right frame of mind. Your reasons should also provide you with enough mental strength and fortitude to endure the temptations along the way. If you really want to be trimmed, toned and sexy, you’ll have to resist eating your favorite food, maybe for the rest of your life. You’ll also have to change the way you see yourself: no more of the old party-go-lucky me, you’ll have to see yourself as a disciplined and resilient individual who can say no when he needs to.

You can find inspiration in the reasons you hold on to.Some of your reasons may be noble, and some of them a lot less than noble. You could be keeping your health in good condition so you can live to see your grandchildren. You might just be trying to impress someone you really like. Whatever your reasons are, your plan will revolve around them. Just make sure to keep fun in the equation by finding a source of passion in why you even chose to exercise in the first place.

You can’t be talked out of very personal reasons. Your family and friends might start questioning your efforts. Why are you spending so much time at the gym instead of at work? Why haven’t you been showing up at the weekend shindigs? Why do you even need to lose weight when you look perfectly fine? You need to make them understand that your decision to lose weight is intensely personal and not just something you’re doing out of a sense of vanity. In the end, it’s easier to stick to the plan if not even the people closest to you can talk you out of it.

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