Which Belly Fat Diet Works Best

Which Belly Fat Diet Works Best

There are so many tummy trimming diets out there that say they’re the best, but which belly fat diet really does work best?  There are many different belly fat diets that actually do provide results.

In order to trim your tummy, you first need to trim down your daily caloric intake. You do this by increasing amounts of raw veggies and fruits into your diet.  Fruits are a great way to avoid sugar cravings.

Some low-sugar high-taste fruits are raspberries, blackberries, papaya, watermelon, strawberries, and peaches.  Beware of high sugar fruits!  High sugar fruits are grapes, pomegranates, mangoes, bananas, cherries, and tangerines. Try to substitute sugar in whatever way you can.  With tea, using honey as a sweetener greatly decreases the sugar cravings.

Another great trick in lowering your daily caloric intake is by drinking tons of water.  Everyone always says to drink 8 glasses of water per day, but experts now believe even 6 will help significantly.

Water flushes your system of any potentially harmful toxins.  Water carries oxygen to all of your cells and helps cushions your joints, which will not only trim your tummy but keep arthritis at bay later on.

Using colon cleansers are not all bad, either.  Beware though – try to only use very mild or natural supplements with fruit like Acai berry incorporated into it.  Acai Berries are overflowing with antioxidants and amino acids – both needed in order to promote weight loss.

If you’re a smoker, beware again – both smoking and drinking alcohol help fat cells lodge in various parts of your body.  Smoking and drinking daily is like having a Big Mac for every meal.

In regards to your diet, try to incorporate as much fiber as possible. Fiber helps maintain a healthy cycle throughout your body.  Fiber has also been known to decrease bloating, which again slims down stubborn belly fat.

Right before you sit down to eat a meal, it’s always good to have a full glass of ice water and a small handful of nuts.  Nuts that would be perfect for this are nuts with low sodium and no sugar on them, nuts such as unsalted cashews.

Nuts that have sugar or salt in them defeat their purpose.  By eating the nuts and drinking the glass of water, you’re more prone to eat less of the next meal you have.  This fills your stomach to an extent and leaves less room for high calorie foods.

If you truly want to know which belly fat diet works the best, they all do in a way!  Any cut in sugar or bad carbohydrates will do wonders for your body in more than just one way.

Don’t be fooled – not eating won’t help you slim your stomach or help your body in any way for that matter.  Never skip a meal – and whatever you do, don’t starve yourself – it will only harm you in the long run.

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