What It Can Mean When Your Skin Keeps Breaking Out

What It Can Mean When Your Skin Keeps Breaking Out

You know the feeling. You eat the same food, use the same oils and have the same lifestyle as the rest of your family or friends. But only your skin keeps breaking out. Or worse still, you do everything right: eat the recommended food, apply sunscreen and keep up with a regular training regime in a bid to have excellent skin and what do you get as a reward? More skin breakout. It is downright frustrating.

Before you throw in the towel and throw all the skin care paraphernalia out of the window, it is important to assess everything. What could you be doing wrong? Here are a few reasons why your skin could be breaking out.

You put on wrong makeup

Thick makeup should be avoided as it clogs the pores. Instead, use mineral makeup. Essentially, be wary of using non-comedogenic products. Read the labels of your makeup products, and if names such as acrylics, petrochemicals,and silicones are listed, then it’s time to say good riddance. Dyes and perfumes tend to nettle the skin

Your diet needs checking

Are you the kind that cannot resist a plate of fries? Research shows that high consumption of processed sugary, dairy products and unhealthy fats leads directly to acne. Consequently, you ought to be careful what goes into your mouth. Let not your skin take the full brunt of your poor diet. Take plenty of water and always opt for leafy greens and whole grains to dairy products and greasy food.

You don’t clean your makeup brushes

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Do you clean it at all? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine all the dust, hair and various products that have accumulated on it over the while. Now imagine all that on your face, and you wonder why your facial skin keeps breaking out. You ought to regularly clean the brushes. At least twice a week will be good.

Using alcohol-based toners and wet wipes

Alcohol toners increase skin penetration. They cause skin irritation and dehydration. This pesters the skin. So before you deep wipes into alcohol to clean your face, or use the common wet wipes, realize that the alcohol could be remarkably contributing to your skin breakouts.

You forget to moisturize

People with acne usually cease to moisturize. Instead, they take options that inhibit the formation of natural skin oil. This has the effect of drying the skin

You scrub aggressively

When applying lotions and oils to your skin, it is important not to apply furiously. That is counterproductive. The skin on areas such as the nose is sensitive. Scrubbing such areas will lead to more skin breaking out.

Heavy usage of hairstyling products

Excessive application of hair products causes some of it to flow onto the forehead. This leads to skin pore blockage that inadvertently causes acne. Moderation use of these products will help prevent skin breakouts.

You are stressed out

It could be a fight with your boss, your spouse or financial constraints that is causing your skin to break out. Stress has various ways of manifesting itself externally. One such way is through acne.  This happens when the adrenal gland gets a little excited stimulating overproduction of androgens. Androgens promote acne formation in ladies.

Luckily, there are various ways to manage your stress. Top of the list is working out and yoga. They will help you calm down and make your skin smoother.


Research shows that smoking depletes oxygen getting to your face leads to the destruction of skin-binding agents such as elastin and collagen. Chemicals in the cigarette also irritate the skin compelling it to produce a lot of oil to protect the skin. The skin eventually wears out faster causing skin breakouts.

If you smoke, then it’s time to call it quits, or at least reduce it significantly. It will work wonders for your facial skin.

In conclusion, if your skin breaks out often, it is time you looked around you. Before you look outside for solutions, search and pinpoint the possible causes. Then following the tips above take action. You do not have to live with acne. You deserve a smooth skin. The solutions are out there for you.

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