Olive Oil and Skincare

Olive Oil and Skincare

Olive oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural cosmetic. Ancient Egyptians coated their faces and skin with cosmetics created from natural dyes and olive oil. The ancient Greeks would use olive oil to lubricate skin prior to engaging in exercise. For many cultures, olive oil has played a role in body anointment for religious purposes or has been a natural way to beautify a person. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the purest ways to hydrate the skin.

For many people, choosing a skin cream or lotion is difficult. Some do not want cosmetics that contain dyes or allergens. Some people prefer products that have not been tested on animals. Many people want beauty products which have no animal fats used in their production. Olive oil fits all of these requirements and more. Extra virgin olive oil is made from olives which are not quite ripe. These olives are picked and washed thoroughly. They are then pressed into a paste through a process called cold pressing. This forces the oil from the olive without any chemicals. The pure olive oil is what remains when the process is completed. This oil is filled with essential nutrients for healthy skin.

Olive oil is not just for cooking or eating. Although it does provide enormous benefits to the skin when consumed, it also makes a spectacular wash. To begin with, olive oil provides a generous amount of the vitamin E which is needed to retain healthy skin cells. When eaten, this vitamin is easily absorbed due to the monounsaturated fat from the olives. One of the very best ways to add vitamin E to a diet is by exchanging butter or margarine for olive oil on a daily basis. When applied directly to the skin, olive oil soaks gently into the layers of cells to provide a “plumping” effect.

Many people struggle with skin that is too dry or too oily. The OCM or oil cleansing method, is one way that olive oil can be used to stabilize unbalanced skin. No matter what type of skin that a person has, oil is produced naturally to moisturize and lubricate the skin. Many marketing schemes have led people to believe that oil is unsuitable for skin and creates blemishes. This is entirely untrue. Oil is so crucial for healthy skin that the body produces it every day. So adding oil to the skin is a fantastic way to balance and refine skin tones.

Extra virgin olive oil should be mixed with castor oil to produce the best cleansing oil. The mix should be less than thirty percent castor oil. On average, an 80% mixture of extra virgin olive oil with 20% castor oil is the right blend. Greater quantities of castor oil can actually dry the skin. With a soft wash cloth, applying the oil to the skin in circular motions works best. Massaging the whole facial area with these oils removes all traces of makeup and debris. The pores of the face should be allowed to absorb the oil during this massage.

Once this massage is finished, hot water can be used to clean the wash cloth. Then apply this hot cloth to the face to steam the pores open. This is exactly like a facial from a salon, without the high prices. The hot cloth will open the pores of the face and release the remaining oil. All impurities and residue should wash gently away from the skin. Make sure that the cloth does not become uncomfortably hot. Once this steam process is finished, just pat the skin dry.

Extra virgin olive oil can also be used for a mask to treat dry skin. Create this mask from two tablespoons of olive oil mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Beat one egg yolk into the oil and honey mixture. Apply this to the face after cleansing. The mask should remain on the skin for about fifteen minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and notice the beautiful glowing skin which is revealed.

Using olive oil as a skin cleanser is a terrific way to create fabulous skin. Olive oil penetrates the skin more easily than any other oil and contains vitamin E to repair damaged cells. There is no other product that can replace pure and natural olive oil.

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