What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease And How To Deal With it!

Alzheimer ’s disease is probably one of the most overlooked diseases in the world today. Yet there has been a gradual shift in awareness over the last few years, with statistics such as that 1 in 85 people will suffer from this condition by 2050.
A the moment Alzheimer’s has no cure – you just have to take precautions in order to avoid having to deal with this condition as you get much older.

Speaking of precautions, what’s intimidating about Alzheimer’s disease is that its causes are not fully known, unlike other diseases where one can actually use prevention, in the form of changing their lifestyle, as their first line of defense against any disease.
However, over the years, doctors have actually noticed a buildup in the deposits of proteins such as tau and beta-amyloid in the brain of a person who ends up with Alzheimer’s disease over a period of time. Even though this buildup of protein occurs to even healthy people as they age, the deposit amounts are far more when it comes to a patient of Alzheimer’s disease.

It should be obvious to note that the key to preventing this disease is in knowing why this buildup occurs. Unfortunately, scientists are still not able to determine why the amount of plaque and tangle buildup in a patient’s brain is far more than in normal people.
Even more intriguing is the fact that scientists are not able to understand why the buildup of deposits of these two proteins results in the killing of healthy brain cells – although they’ve sure of the fact that it is this buildup that leads to Alzheimer’s disease in patients.
Apart from citing tangles and plaque as possible causes for Alzheimer’s, the medical community has also identified certain factors that might increase the risk of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s, and they are:

#1: Age
Almost one out of eight people over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, this statistic doubles every five years after the age of 65 as there are more chances of one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as you grow older.

#2: Family History
If a parent or a sibling suffers from Alzheimer’s, this increases the chances of one suffering from this disease too, and more so, if more than one person in the family has had to deal with Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists have pointed it back to two genes that pose of risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease of which the deterministic gene is more likely to guarantee one’s chances of getting this disease at an early age.

#3: Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices
It has also been noticed that people who exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, are socially active and consciously avoid tobacco and alcohol have less chances of getting Alzheimer’s while a link between cardiovascular and mental health has been found – the better the heart health, the less are your chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as you age.

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