Cut Carbs to Shape Up and Say Goodbye to Fat

Carbs are one of the largest contributors to weight and fat gain for most people today. So many foods are absolutely loaded with unhealthy carbs that cause your weight to skyrocket, and it ends up being very detrimental to your health for a number of reasons.

In order to effectively get rid of fat, you need to adjust your carb intake quite a bit. The reason carbs cause you to gain weight is that, when going unused, your body creates fat deposits and stores them there for another time.

They also tend to be accompanied by high amounts of calories, which, if you’re not burning them off, will naturally cause weight gain by giving you a greater amount of calories in than out.

One common misconception is that since carbs cause weight gain, you should cut them out altogether. In reality, that can lead to a few complications and is not advisable. Carbs are a very important part of your body’s natural cycle to produce energy.

Carbohydrates, such as sugar, have glucose which your body uses to create ATP, the molecule responsible for just about everything you do. It allows your muscles to move, your mind to think, and so on.

However, your body doesn’t need a ton of it to keep you going throughout the day. Instead of cutting out carbs altogether, you just need to cut back on the amount you’re consuming.

There’s plenty of foods that you might be eating that contain an insane amount of unnecessary carbs. One of the greatest offenders in modern society is soda. An average single can of soda contains upwards of 40 grams of sugar, a very common carb.

This amount is about twice what you would need to simply sustain yourself throughout the day. With people drinking multiple cans or even glasses of this drink per day, it’s no wonder weight gain is so common.

Cut out any and all sweet and sugary drinks in order to make some serious progress towards weight loss. Other common suspects include fast food, which is cooked in very high carb breading and oils, as well as sweets.

These are foods that people typically think of when dieting, but there are lesser known high carb foods out there as well. Foods like potatoes, bread, and pasta are high carb and typically not considered to be unhealthy, but they can certainly lead to fat gain just as any other high carb food can.

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