Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

Ways to Treat Depression Without Medication

When you find out you have depression, you may become scared of the chemicals that may be introduced to help your depression. You may not want to take them, and you may be scared that the drug is worse than the depression itself. If this sounds like your issue, consider the following ways you can treat depression without medication.


Journaling is mentioned fairly often as a way to help with depression. There are several reasons for that. The first is that you can work through issues you are having and help to work through what may be casing them. Often times you may find that the issue you thought was causing your depression isn’t the issue at all. In this case, you can root out the real one and work on that issue to remove it and reduce your depression. Another reason journaling helps is that you can focus on positive aspects of your day and keep the negative aspects away to help reduce depression over time.


When you hear supplements as they relate to depression, you may be thinking of things like St. John’s Wort. The truth is, supplements can mean vitamins and minerals your system is lacking. For example, you may be lacking something like magnesium that is causing an issue or Vitamin D. By increasing these vitamins and minerals with supplements you can help that deficiency. You may notice that once that deficiency is filled your depression and depression related issues will reduce. You may even find your entire issue was depression reduced or gone.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices are something that has been shown to help people with their ongoing depression issues that are considered mild or moderate. Mindfulness techniques include meditation, journaling, and even certain exercise options. The idea behind mindfulness is to focus on the positive, removing the negative from your life, and moving into a better space in yourself an environment. This can help give you a better outlook on life and help you get things back on track. Though this may not work for severe depression, it can help reduce symptoms.

These are only three of the ways that you can treat depression without medication. Though there are other natural ways these are the most common. They can be used together as well.

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