Types of Low-Carb Diets

Types of Low-Carb Diets

Hearing the words low-carb tend to bring to mind no bread, wraps that are made with lettuce instead of tortillas, and a reduction of everything carb related in the diet. There is a misconception that simply eating this way means you are on a low-carb diet. The truth is, there are several versions of low-carb diets out there that you can try. Each one has their own style and guidelines. Here are a few of the many that are available out there.

Ketogenic Diet

The first thing to know about the ketogenic diet is that it is very low-carb, but it is also high in fat. This is something to keep in mind if you are on medical watch and your physicians feel that you need to stay away from high fat as well as high carb. With that in mind, the ketogenic diet helps you run your body on ketones instead of on the energy that carbs would normally provide. If you are trying to drop fat, but still want to keep your energy in tact, then this may be the ideal low-carb option for you. There is some learning curve to it, but it can work.


LCHF refers to being low-carb and high fat. You may be thinking that the ketogenic diet would fall under this, but it isn’t. The reason is because of how focused the LCHF diet is on eating an increased number of whole foods and staying away from anything processed. Your source of protein is mostly from fish and eggs. For carbs, your limits range between 20mg to 100mg a day.

Low-Carb Paleo

The paleo diet is a very popular diet across the world. It stays away from processed foods and focusing on foods that were from the paleolithic era. Basically, if it is something that would have been eaten then, it can go on your diet plan. The low-carb version of the paleo diet simply removes the carbs from the diet. People find this easy, because there are so many paleo meal plans available online that can simply be adjusted to remove carbs and add in low-carb vegetables or other swaps in their place. This is a more mainstream option with the ability to find most of the ingredients you need online or in local health stores and grocery stores.

These are only four of the low-carb diet options available to you. There are others, such as the Atkins, but these diets are a little less well known and are known for being easier to transition to if low-carb is where you want to go.

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