Treating Back Acne

Treating Back Acne

There are quite a few different theories about what causes back acne to occur and how to treat it. The first thing to remember when treating this is that anyone can get back acne. Although teenagers do have a lot of acne, people of any age can also get it.

While some people believe that acne can be caused by stress, that’s not true. Stress can irritate the acne and sometimes make it worse, but it doesn’t cause it. Another myth is that certain foods – such as chocolate can cause acne.

While food doesn’t cause acne, some foods can mess with your hormones, which can in turn lead to more pimples if you already have a tendency to get acne. It’s easy to get acne on the back because any place on the body where you sweat can become prone to developing sweat related acne.

Your face and back both have numerous sebaceous glands producing sebum that can contribute to acne. There are a few different types of back acne including blackheads, pimples, lesions, and cysts. Whatever kind of acne you may have on your back, there are some easy steps you can take to get rid of it.

If you have mild acne and want to try something simple that doesn’t cost a lot, try using a body wash and a loofah. By using this kind of exfoliating method on your back, the acne can clear up within two weeks. There are also different kinds of exfoliating body scrubs you can purchase that will help clear up mild back acne.

If your back acne is more severe, using body scrubs might actually cause the breakout to become irritated. So if your acne isn’t mild, try using a deep pore exfoliation along with an anti-bacterial wash.

Remember when buying products for back acne treatment to make sure that you buy a product that’s made for the body rather than the face because products made for the body are often stronger than the ones made for the face.

If you’re looking for a more natural treatment for your back acne, things such as tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, and aloe vera can be used. Each one helps heal present acne, protect against future acne, and help with scarring.

Witch Hazel and natural apple cider vinegar are also good natural products to use when dealing with back acne. Products that contain salicylic acid have been proven to help prevent body acne.

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