Best Buttocks Exercise

Best Buttocks Exercise

Do you wish that you knew the best buttocks exercise to have the fanny you’ve always wanted to see reflected back at you in the mirror? It’s not too late to have a great looking rear end no matter what stage you’re at in life.

You’re never too old to change the course of your shape – even if you’re someone who has never had an exercise routine before. Each of us has trouble spots – those areas on our bodies that need just a little bit more attention to give us better results. So with some determination and follow through, you can reshape, firm and flatten that fanny you don’t like.

The best exercise in the world for giving you a better butt has always been and continues to be plain old walking. The best part of this exercise is that it’s free – you can do it anywhere and you can break it up throughout your day to get in enough steps to make a difference.

Walking doesn’t require special equipment other than a decent pair of walking shoes, and it’s so easy that even a beginner can get started today. To tone up, you’ll have to do more than walk a few blocks every week.

You’ll need to walk a few miles every week and while that may seem like an impossible goal, once you get into it, you’ll be amazed at how well you enjoy the walking, how much better you feel physically and the difference you see in the shape of your fanny.

The best buttocks exercise that you can also do either along with walking or in place of walking are squats. The exercise is performed exactly as it sounds. It’s a squat – and anyone can squat.

You simply bend at the knees until you’re in a squatting position and then return to your original position. Now, if you have any knee problems, then of course, this might not be the best exercise for you, since it puts pressure on the knees at the thrust of the squat.

You can also do step exercises. By stepping up onto a step, you’re using the muscles in the back of your leg and in your buttocks to shift your weight from one level to the next. Another exercise that works well to get your butt in shape is leg lifts.

You keep your hands on the floor as if you’re going to do a pushup and then raise your leg backward up into the air, hold it, and then slowly lower it. Repeat for eight to ten repetitions. Switch to the other leg and repeat.

When you’re looking for the best buttocks exercise, don’t stick to just one particular exercise. Use a combination of exercises at once or stick with one for a week, then switch off.

Don’t let your body become accustomed to one routine. But whichever exercise you pick, get started today so that six weeks from now, you’re not still wishing you had a better looking butt!

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