Tips For Pilates Beginners

Tips For Pilates Beginners

Are you interested in Pilates but haven’t tried a workout yet? If so, the following tips can help get you started.

Use a Quality Pilates Mat

The mat you use does make a big difference because if you don’t like how it feels or even how it looks, you are not as encouraged to keep up with your workouts. People often assume it doesn’t matter what you workout in or with (like clothes or the mat), but it can make a difference and actually make you excited to get started. Since a lot of Pilates is done on the floor, you want to be as comfortable as possible with a really high-quality mat that is cushioned. Typical yoga mats is what you will look for, but make sure it is the right thickness.

Have Comfortable Clothing

The next thing you should make sure you have is comfortable clothing for the workouts. Since you are moving your body a lot in Pilates, try to avoid heavy sweatpants that are difficult to move in or baggy t-shirts. This can make some of the moves awkward. You can usually do good with a fitted tee or tank top and yoga pants, but just pick something you are comfortable wearing for the Pilates class. Remember that will be barefoot, so don’t worry about socks or shoes.

Take at Least One Pilates Class

There are different ways to start Pilates, from taking a local class to doing the exercises at home. However, even though watching YouTube videos or using a Pilates DVD is a convenient option, it is hard to learn the core moves properly when you do it yourself. IT is recommended that beginners at least take one or a few classes with an instructor to make sure you have the moves down.

Know What Your Body Can Handle

Pilates is not an exercise you will be able to do flawlessly and completely the first time you try it. The point is to strengthen your body gradually, so be patient and don’t push too hard. If you can only do 5 reps of a new move instead of 10, do 5 and rest. The next time you try it, see if you can do 6, then 7 and so on until you hit those 10 reps. If you need to modify some moves until you get stronger, don’t be afraid to do so! Your body will eventually get stronger to where you don’t need these adjustments.

Best Pilates Beginners Tips

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