Tips for Adding Bodyweight to Your Fitness Routine

Tips for Adding Bodyweight to Your Fitness Routine

If you want to start doing bodyweight exercises, but not rely on it 100 percent, you can incorporate it into your regular fitness routine. Here are some easy ways to add bodyweight moves to the workout rotation.

Choose Some Easy Moves to Start With

If you want to do bodyweight exercises, but stick to your current routine, you should first learn how to do the moves. If you are a beginner to this form of fitness, it is a good idea to stick to the basics and gradually add them a little at a time. This might include doing a 30-second plank before each workout, or doing some squats and mountain climbers on the days when you do cardio just to mix it up a little. Don’t feel like you need to know how to do everything at once.

Consider Workouts That Use Bodyweight

A really easy way to add bodyweight exercises to your fitness routine is find workouts that incorporate them. Instead of doing a bodyweight routine separately, you are trying a workout that uses these moves along with others to help you stay toned and fit, and even lose some weight. This might include Pilates or yoga, gym workouts like CrossFit, or just some high-intensity intervals.

Alternate the Days

When it gets to the point where you want to dedicate more time to doing bodyweight exercises, start by alternating the days instead of doing them every single day. You might want to do them on days when you are not doing cardio, and cut down your weight training, or vice versa. There is a lot of room for flexibility and customizing your workout routines by adding in some bodyweight moves. You can do them just a couple days a week, or every other day with your other workouts. Bodyweight usually doesn’t take a long time, so you can just add another 10-15 minutes to your regular workout routine.

Add them to Your Current Routine

Don’t worry about doing something completely different from what you do now. Either adjust your current routine, or add on as mentioned above. Here are some ideas that might work for you:

Do a quick, 5-minute bodyweight routine before you do cardio for the day

Try interval training on weight training days where you do some weights, and some bodyweight exercises

Start each day with a 15-minute bodyweight routine to get energy

As you can see, there are a lot of easy options to work with!

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