The Relationship Between Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Speed and competition are the two most hallmarked characteristic features of the present stage of human civilization. Even though we are experiencing a lightning fast pace in every aspect of life, the downsides are quite clearly visible too. Among a wide range of negative aspects of the modern lifestyle, the most prominent will surely be the anxiety. We may be familiar with the terms of anxiety and panic disorder. However, it may be mentioned here that both the terms are different from each other and both come with a different underlying cause.<!–

There is a strong interrelationship between the two aspects of anxiety and panic, and locating and appreciating the underlying link between the two aspects will genuinely generate positive assistance in approaching both of them.

Discussing the interrelationship and the interdependency of both anxiety and panic will help us realize that panic is always the resulting factor and not the cause. In other words, anxiety always precedes panic.

When looking at the scientific definition of the word “anxiety”, we notice that, it happens to be a nervous feeling. The feeling assists in creating a visible disturbance of anyone’s emotional condition. Such a disturbance may be termed as “anxiety development”. The development is something that results in complete shock and fear from even the most basic aspects of life. In its more serious expressions, the patient may suddenly suffer higher blood pressure, fluctuating heart palpitations and profuse sweating.

Avoiding such a scenario will require us to address the different aspects of anxiety directly. The successful dealing of anxiety may be achieved in numerous ways. One of the more prominent ways happens to be the intake of a natural and healthy diet. Physicians let us know that a balanced diet can hold the key to the reduction of anxiety at a primary level. It should also be pointed out that few precise herbal and vitamin food components helps to calm down the central nervous system. These components include kava, vitamin B, valerian tea products and chamomile tea.

Continuous anxiety may result in a far-reaching damage to the individuals by resulting in the increased feeling of panic to everyday situations. In its most deadly form, the panic may even threaten an individual’s life. A sudden and extreme blood pressure increase accompanied by breathlessness may turn out to be deadly for individuals of over fifty years of age. Sometimes, they may even suffer a sudden massive stroke.

Understanding the interrelationship and the probable interdependency between the anxiety and panic helps us in eradicating sources from which we may experience anxiety. Other than this, we may further practice a few breathing exercises to increase the blood oxygen level.

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