The Different Types Of Green Tea

The Different Types Of Green Tea

If you keep up to date with all the health and fitness news, you’ve probably heard lots about the benefits of green tea.However, did you know that green tea is not a singular drink and there are actually many different types of green tea available?In this article I will be taking a deeper look at some of the most popular varieties of green tea and discussing what makes them unique.

Chinese Green Tea vs Japanese Green Tea

The two main types of green tea are Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea.With Chinese green tea, the Camellia sinensis leaves (tea leaves) are picked and then fried in a pan whereas with Japanese green tea, the tea leaves are steamed.As a result, Chinese green tea is generally gold/yellow colored and has a toastier taste while Japanese green tea is usually a brighter green color and has a grassier taste.

Top 5 Chinese Green Teas

1) Dragonwell (Long Jing):-Dragonwellgreen tea is probably China’s most famous green tea.It comes from the Dragonwellvillage which is located close to the city of Hangzhou in the Zheijang province.The tea leaves themselves are very flat and smooth and have an eye catching jade color.The taste of Dragonwellgreen tea is very pleasant and it has a sweet, nutty flavor.

2) Yellow Mountain Fur Peak (HuangshanMao Feng):-Yellow Mountain Fur Peak green tea is picked from the area close to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in the Anhui province.The name refers to the furry appearance of the tea leaves in this province which are covered in very small hairs.Yellow Mountain Fur Peakgreen tea has a sweet but strong flavor which is highly refreshing.

3) Gunpowder (Zucha):-Gunpowder green tea is another well known Chinese green tea that also originates in the Zheijang province of China.When they’re dry and rolled, Gunpowder green tea leaves resemble tiny gunpowder pellets, hence the name.However, once you add water, the tea leaves open up to create a smooth, rich flavor.

4) Green Snail Spring (Bi Luo Chun):-Green Snail Spring green tea is a rarer Chinese green tea which is again grown in the Zheijang province of China.The name has a dual meaning, as the tea leaves are grown in the Green Snail Mountains and their appearance also represents a snail when rolled. The tea leaves are usually grown among apricots, peach trees and plums which adds to the flavor of Green Snail Spring green tea and creates a sweet, fruity, woody taste.

5) Hyson Lucky Dragon:-Hyson Lucky Dragon green tea comes from the Anhui province in China.When picked, Hyson Lucky Dragon green tea leaves are rolled into a long, twisted arrangement which unfurls when you add hot water.The taste of this green tea is quite strong and it has a distinctive, full body flavor.

Top 5 Japanese Green Teas

1) Bancha:-Bancha green tea is harvested from the same trees as sencha green tea but the harvesting takes place much later in the year, between June and October.Unlike other green teas, bancha green tea is not made entirely from tea leaves and also includes the stems and stalks from the tea tree.It is considered to be the lowest grade of green tea and as a result it is less fragrant and flavorful than other green teas.However, it is still a good choice for people just getting started with green tea because the milder flavor is less overpowering.

2) Genmaicha:-Genmaicha green tea is a combination of senchagreen tea and toasted brown rice.It is often referred to as popcorn tea because of the way the rice often pops during toasting.Genmaicha green tea has a relatively mild taste but the addition of rice gives it a unique, nutty flavor.

3) Gyokuro:-Gyokuro green tea is rated as the top grade Japanese green tea.The tea leaves used to make Gyokuro green tea are shielded from direct sunlight three weeks prior to picking and this results in very flat, pointed leaves with a dark green color.Gyokuro green tea is extremely tasty and its smooth, sweet flavor makes it a pleasure to drink.

4) Matcha:-Matcha green tea is a powdered form of tencha green tea and is probably Japan’s most famous green tea.It has a very bright green color and dissolves completely in water when mixed.Matcha green tea has a very strong, rich taste initially but leaves you with a mild, sweet aftertaste.Since it’s powdered, matcha green tea is sometimes used as an ingredient when preparing foods to infuse them with the benefits of green tea.

5) Sencha:-Sencha green tea is probably the most widely used green tea in Japan and is harvested between February and May.The tea leaves that are used to create senchagreen tea are very glossy and give off a fresh fragrance. When brewed, sencha green tea has a very unique flavor which is both grassy and sweet.


As you can see, all green tea is not created equally.Every single one of the green teas listed in this article has a unique appearance, flavor and texture.So next time you need green tea, don’t limit yourself to one specific type. Instead, get a sample of each green tea type, find out which ones you like best and enhance your green tea drinking experience.

Best Types Of Green Tea

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