Signs You Might Have Depression

Signs You Might Have Depression

You are tired, you do not feel well, and you just can’t get excited about anything in your life. These things happen and may just be part of some ongoing issues you are having. The problem is they may be signs that you have depression. If you aren’t sure about the signs you are seeing, if they are normal for your circumstances, or if they are depression then you should consider the following signs. These are signs of depression that could require assistance.

Suicidal Thoughts

One sure sign that you might have depression is an increase in suicidal thoughts. Though most people do have a thought during times of intense depression, it is not something that is ongoing or long term. In fact, most people realize they have the thought after it has passed. If you are having suicidal thoughts that are recurring and may include planning or thoughts of life without you in it, then you need to see a doctor. You may have a form of severe depression that can become a danger to yourself. Your doctor can come up with a counseling and treatment plan to help, and can eve suggest options that do not have anything to do with chemical medication.

Inability to Sleep with Fatigue

If you have severe fatigue, it may be a sign of depression. You can be sure it is when you combine that fatigue with the inability to sleep when it comes time. You are tired, but you can’t bring yourself to fall asleep or if you do you have sudden attacks of anxiety or depressive thoughts. All of this is a sign that your fatigue is much more than that and may have a root cause of depression.

Unexplained Body Aches

Body aches can happen when you workout, when you are sick with a cold or flu, or for various other reasons. One of the reasons that body aches can become a sign of depression is due to ongoing unexplained body aches. If you have been having these aches and pains for weeks and nothing seems to help then it could be depression related. Remember, there are a variety of types of depression and some of them do cause aches and pains.

If you are having one or more of these signs of depression, consider seeing a counselor or a doctor for assistance. They can come up with a treatment plan that may help you free yourself from these issues.

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