Set a Good Example For Your Kids Health

Set a Good Example For Your Kids Health

If you want your kids to be healthy by eating right and exercising, you need to follow the same advice. Kids are going to look up to their parents, so by setting a good example, they will want to be just as healthy as you.

Have Healthy Eating Habits

To start with, you can set a good example for your kids by having healthy eating habits. Your kids are going to watch everything you do, so if you skip breakfast regularly or always have ice cream before bed, they will pay attention and want to mimic these behaviors. Think about what you are doing and how it will influence your kids. If you are driving home from soccer practice with kids in the car, do you really want to drive-thru McDonald’s? This might be a good time to stop by a local deli and get a big salad or cook a small and healthy meal when you get home.

Cook More Meals at Home

Your nutrition habits can also extend into what you are cooking and how often you cook. If you want your kids to eat healthy, it all starts at home in the kitchen. You can even get your kids involved by looking at cookbooks and recipes together, going to the grocery store or farmer’s market, and having them help with the prep work. Let them see that you cook healthy meals often and try not to order pizza or go to fast food restaurants to feed yourself or your family.

Pay Attention to Your Oral Health

Being healthy isn’t just about what you eat, but also your oral health. This is a vital part of your children’s health that they might overlook. You should make sure you pay close attention to your own oral health habits, and your kids will soon follow. For younger kids, brushing and flossing together each day is a good family activity and instills the importance of this daily habit for them. Also let your kids see that you also go to the dentist for check-ups on a regular basis.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity is essential for proper health, for kids and adults. Set a good example by exercising regularly, whether you go to the gym or take walks each day with your kids. Even if you are doing a yoga DVD at home, they are going to pay attention and want to do what mom or dad does.

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